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The Owl 

Memphis University School 
Memphis, Tennessee 

Volume XLVU 

The Owl 1 

Opening 'Doors 


l'- iV 

Memphis University School 

^y± s the school's ever-expanding public relations department says, "For more than a 

hundred years at Memphis University School, the doors have been open for students interested 
in becoming well-rounded young men." 

Even though to people who are not a part of this school, this slogan seems like just 
another advertising gimmick, to the students this aphorism rings true. We know how well our 
education here prepares us for the future. MUS promises the best education in the city of 
Memphis, if not the entire region. Students choose from almost 20 A.P. courses that give them 
credits for college, and our college guidance department places almost all students in one of 

their top choices. 

And this preparation is not just academic. From the training future journalists experience 
with the Owl's Hoot to the preparation for law our Mock Trial team receives, MUS students 
constantly have new doors opened for them. 

MUS graduates always point out how their attending this school has opened doors for 
them. The MUS experience provides lasting friendships and lifelong memories which all students 
are grateful for. The doors that are opened everyday at Memphis University School are what we 
on the yearbook staff hope you will remember as you flip through this year's Owl. 

The Owl 


Athletics 30 

Organizations. 56 

Academics...................... 80 

People......................... 100 

Index............... 176 

Kemmons Wilson was born in January 1913, in Osceola, Arkansas, the son of a 
prominent insurance salesman. When his father died nine months after his birth, young 
Kemmons moved to Memphis and was raised by his mother. Despite dropping out of high 
school, Mr. Wilson succeeded in business through his legendary work ethic, rising from 
selling popcorn in a local theater to owning a Homebuilding business. In 1952 he founded the 
Holiday Inn hotel franchise, forever changing the face of travel. 

Mr. Wilson will be remembered by MUS students for his remarkable philanthropy 
and his interesting and informative chapel speeches. He has left a legacy at the school in the 
form of the Kemmons Wilson Leadership Center, where future students will go to meet with 
Guidance Counselors. 

Above and Left: Kemmons 
Wilson's final gift was a 
School of Hospital and Resort 
Management for the University 
of Memphis; the school opened 
in April with an 82-suite 
Holiday Inn. 

Memphis University School 

Un ^hCemoriam 

%fmmons Wilson 


The Owl 


Above: A glum Shazhad Khan reflects the prevailing climate of 
his British setting as he refuses to show his dimples. 

Above: Hill 

Stoecklein, Shahzad 
Khan, and Chase 
Carlisle overlook the 
Champs Elysees. 

Right: It's almost like 
he's real... 

I\< >l>< il Sm >u ill n, S7j ih ■ WKhan, a 
I /','■ h.iil i>, >n,li i ,)/,»/) /', msii MHill. 

8 Memphis University School 

L to R: Alex Lawhorn, Conor Quinn, George Edwards, 
Blake Lindsay, Bunky Parr, Lisa Mabry, Jenny 
Macdonald, Whitney Williams, William Adams, and 
Babu Rayudu in Toledo, Spain. 

L to R: Conor Quinn, Bunky Parr, Alex 
Lawhorn, George Edwards, and Blake Lind- 
say look out at the Paris Night from the Eiffel 

Hill Stoecklein and Robert Snowden prac- 
tice their rock climbing on the Atlantic coast 
of England. 

Left: Bunky Parr shows off the latest 
Parisian fashions. 

The Owl 

Look out Madrid, 'cause Alex Lawhorn, Bunky Parr, and 
George Edwards have arrived. 

Mr. Russell's group: (L to R: Philip Lewis, Buck Lawson, Randall Holcomb, Michael 
Morisy, Shazhad Khan, Gray Sain, Wesley Hughes, Andy Garrett, Jeffrey Posson, John 
Harkess, Lee McNabb, fan's Haykal) pose by 1'Arc de Triomphe 

10 Memphis University School 

'elow: Shazhad Khan, John Harkess, Dana 
hggrell, a mummy, and Robert Snowden at- 
-act the stares of two lovely Europeans. 

Below: Robert Snowden and Michael Morisy 
pose with a yeoman of the guard at the tower of 


I HI . 

The Owl 

Left: Velma (Tarn 
Ri§8 s ) an d Roxie 
(Morgan Scott) 
declare their inde- 
pendence in "My 
Own Best Friend." 
Below: Velma (Tarn 
RiSS s ) propositions 
Roxie (Mrogan 
Scott) in "I Can't 
Do it Alone." 


Far Right: Cody 
Jameson, in drag as 
Mary Sunshine , 
entertained audi- 
ences with this 
number, "A Little bit 
of Good." 
Right: Billy, played 
by Justin 
Willingham, is 
surrounded, as 
always, by a crowd 
of girls. 

The choice for this summer's show was not just 
your typical MUS production. Matt Kidd, the director an 
a recent alumnus, wanted to push the envelope at MUS a 
try a musical with more adult subject matter, that dealt wit 
racier situations, and had an element of comedy in it, so h 
selected Chicago, a musical about adultery, murder, and 
betrayal in 1920's Chicago. 

White Station graduate Morgan Scott took on the 
lead role of Roxie Hart. Last seen at MUS as the title 
character in Evita, Morgan wowed audiences with her 
portrayal of the sinful girl. Houston Hagewood played 
Fred Casely, Roxie' s adulterous lover. Amos Hart, Roxie 
loser of a husband, was played by recent graduate Adam 
Del Conte. Tarn Riggs, daughter of MUS's own Dr. Bae 
wonderfully portrayed Roxie Hart's rival in crime, Velma 
Kelly. The barely affordable and highly self-righteous 
lawyer, Billy Flynn, was played by MUS alumnus Justin 
Willingham. The Matron Mama Morton (Sally Kroeker) i 
also met up with as the play progresses as well as an 
important leader in news media, Mary Sunshine (recent 
alumnus Cody Jameson). Adam Del Conte cleverly steak 
the show in the second act with his self-pitying "Mr. 
Cellophane". Also featured were Courtney Bras well 
(Cordova High School), Christen Gilmore, Katie Praschei 
Rebecca Baer (another daughter of Dr. Baer), Chloe Lack 
(SMS Senior), Stephanie Vieron, Kevin Murphy, Philip 

12 Memphis University School 


Hughen, Kenny Hickman (MUS alumnus), Zack Stacey, and Matt Kidd. A major 
part of the production of Chicago was, its choreography, so Courtney Oliver, a 
esident company member of Playhouse on the Square was hired, as was a band 
with Michael Meeks as the leader and musical director. The combination of 
complex choreography and show stopping tunes called for long hours of summer 
rehearsals leading up to two weekends of shows. With costumes created by Mr. 
Eikner, under the technical direction of Mr. Saunders, and under the stage- 
managing of recent graduate Christian Schmitt, the show was ready to open. With 
six weekend performances and one "pay what you can performance", the cast of 
Chicago "Razzle Dazzled" audiences. Chicago was said by some to have had 
some of the best talent on the MUS stage seen at one time. 

The six merry 
murderesses of the 
Cook County Jail (L 
to R: Courtney 
Braswell, Katie 
Prascher, Tarn 
Riggs, Rebecca 
Baer, Christen 
Gilmore, and Chloe 
Lackie) perform the 
"Cell Block Tango." 

The cast of Chi- 
cago surrounds 
Billy (Justin 
Willingham), Roxie 
(Morgan Scott) and 
Mary Sunshine 
(Cody Jameson) as 
Roxie pantomimes 
to Billy's singing of 
"Both Reached Tor 
the Gun." 

The Owl 


Left: From L: Cheswick (Danny 
Travis), Dr. Chop (Alex Chinn) 
Nurse Hatched (St. Mary's Seni 
Laurence Goodwin), Billy (Eric 
Wilson), Martini (Walter Klyce 
and Scanlon (Jeffrey Possgn) ai 
shocked by McMurphy's (Cono 
Quinn) outrageous behavior. 

One Flew East 

One Flew West 


One Flew Over The 
Cuckoo's Nest 

Left: The lab technician (Will Hickman), aided by Aide Warre 
(Michael Schaeffer), administers electro-shock therapy to 
McMurphy (Conor Quinn) to curb his aggression. 

Above: Nurse Ratched (Laurence Goodwin) admonishes a frightened Billy (Eric 
Wilson) for his less-than-puritan actions. 

\bove: the Aides, Warren (Michael Schaeffer) and Williams (St. Mary's Freshman Morgan Beck ford), cannot believe the audac- 
ty of the nearly naked mental patient (Conor Quinn) asking for toothpaste. 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's 


A Play to Remember 

s laii m the MUST C production of Dale Wasserman's adaptation, starrin 
ee spirited Randle P. McMurphy and St. Mary's senior Laurence Goodwin as the terrifying Big Nurs> 
Ratched. These two performances had audiences riveted nightly as the two faced off in the confines of a Mental Hospital 
Ward. Houston Hagewood filled the role of Chief Bromden, a disturbed Native American whose narrative soliloquies 
captivated audiences. Filling the roles of the rest of the inmates were JK Minervini as the neurotic Harding. Jeff Posson as 
Scanlon the bomb-maker, Walter Klycc as the schizophrenic Martini. Danny Travis as the noxious Cheswick, Spencer Dail 
and Ed Porter as vegetables Ruckly and Sefelt, and finally. Eric Wilson as the young Billy Bibbit. crushed by his overbearii 
Mother and cowed by Nurse Ratched. Filling out the roles of Hospital Staff were St. Mary's freshman Meredith Robinson 
and St. Mary's sophomore Ash Carney as assistant nurses. St. Mary's freshman Morgan Beckford and Michael Schaeffer a 
Aides Williams and Warren, and Will Hickman as the Electro-Shock Therapy Technician. Hutchison junior Rebekah Hill 
and St. Mary's freshman Mari Earle played promiscuous dames Candy and Sandy. This intense drama will set a strong 
standard for future MUS theater. 

psMvV:;' : :■ ■-,o:.r 

lyy .. 


: ^"::--::' : *- : ':: : .v'.''-' : v : :.-V:V' 

■ ■ . . : 

. . ■■' 

Left: McMurphy (Conor 
Quinn) finally breaks and at- 
tacks the Bis Nurse (Laurence 
Goodwin) as Chief Broom 
(Houston Hagewood) looks 


1 6 Memphis University School 

Left: Costumes in hand, Conor 
Quinn and Laurence Goodwin 
pause for one more picture on their 
way out after their triumphant 
closing night performance. 

Above: Trey Bowden and William Bran- 
don are really excited to be selling tickets. 

Above Left: McMurphy (Conor Quinn) in- 
troduces Candy (Rebekal Hill) to the pa- 

Left: The inmates listen intently as 
McMurphy (Conor Quinn) and Candy 
(Rebekal Hill) discuss the possibility of a 
party on the ward. 

The Owl 1 7 


THE BEST. . . 

18 Memphis University School 


Norman Thompson, circa 1975 

The Owl 




Evilly Lac^vwiai^i 

Above: Homecoming Runner Up Emily Ladyman, escorted by 
her brother Bo Ladyman. 

Left: Homecoming Queen Megan Stout and 
her escort Carter Landis. 

Below: The entire 2002 Football Homecoming Court. 

W^ t ^^^^B ^B 

Ev pi » 

. Slr^lS 

9Hb^^k H s M WL M H a| 

1 * 1 



Above: Lucy Harris, escorted by Alex Above: Russell Jones, escorted by Rich 
Debardeleben. Bollinger. 

Above: Micah Pioreck, escorted by eighth Above: Samantha Gould, brother of Senior 
grader Tyler Massey. Sean Gould, escorted by Doug Owings. 

"APweefin' Good Time" '■ 


Fall Fest 


It was the second of November, 
that day I'll always remember, yes I will. 
Cause that was the day that Fall Fest 
died. When describing Fall Fest the 
words miserable and disastrous aren't 
usually heard; this year it was hard not to 
hear them. Despite Weir's constant chal- 
lenging of God to stop the rain from 
ruining his precious baby, the weather 
dampened the mood for the first time in 
six years. However, the return of mud 
wrestling, a long-standing Fall Fest 
tradition, brought smiles to the faces of 
all in attendance. 


Above: Those stylish sunglasses provide protection from the rain as well as 
the sun. 

Above: Coach David Terebee enjoys 
the afternoon with his family. 

Right: Mr. lglehart takes care of some 

22 Memphis University School 

I lip Left: The captains of the Football Cheerleading Squad settle their differences. 
f ^P Right: Good things come from the back of Josh Williamsons car. 
hove: A crowd watches the massive carnage as Edward Nenon gets his $5 worth. 

The Owl 




i Y 


Top: Members of the Homecoming court accompanied by their Above: Mr. Haguewood leads the student body in the tradition, 

fathers. Below: The basketball cheerleader performing their "Fifteen Snappy Rah s." 

rendition of the classic "Roll Call" cheer. 

Above: Seniors Gray Sain, Shahzad Khan, Ken Farmer, Joel 
Iglehart, and Randall Holcomb provide some humor with their 
skit for the pep-rally. 

Below: Mr. 
Matthews inspires 
the students by 
partially consum- 
ing a lion pinata. 

Left: Two ravish- 
ing beauties; 
Queen Emily 
Ladyman and 
runner-up Grace 

Above center: Basketball Homecomins court and escorts (Andrea Moore 
and Lee Moore, Carey Taber and Hunter Adams, Emily Ladyman and Bo 
Ladyman, Micah Pioreck and Chase Carlisle, Grace Henderson and Stuart 
Gillespie, Ginny Taylor and John Taylor). Above: The senior basketball 
players (From L: Nathan Haynes, Henry Talbot, Andrew Hanover, Derek 
Clenin, Clay Chapman, Ryan Baum, not pictured John Philips). 

The Owl 

What's Hot 

1. Running For Cross Country and Track 

2. Dara's House 

3. AP Biology 

4. Going to Grizzlies Games 

5. Starting Quarterback 

6. Chapel Speakers from South Africa 

8. Me 

9. Inhibition 

10. Self-Respect 

11. Spirit Video 

12. Mr. Haguewood 

13. Senior Tux Day 

14. Preston Shannon plays in Chapel 

15. Surprise, Surprise, it's the Japanese 

16. Winning Football Homecoming 

17. Memphis Flyer 

18. Beating CBHS on the Field and Court 

26 Memphis HlJniversity School 

What's Not 

Be gentle, It's my first 




Thuggin' hard, 
right yo? 



fj*> "» 


Take a look at Clark ? 
and ask that question 

Does this make me look 
sexy? Roar 

28 Memphis I (University School 

The Owl 29 

30 Memphis University School 



Goin' Wild 

M ' v 




Varsity Football 



| MUS 


\ 1 

Melrose 26 

I 35 

Jackson Prep 14 


Harding 14 


Brentwood 42 


Briarcrest 24 




MBA 21 




McCallie 17 


Christian Brothers 27 

TSSAA Semifinals 


MBA 20 

Above: Derek Clenin breaks free from would- 
be Bartlett tacklers. 

Below: Derek Clenin runs the ball for one of 
his many touchdowns this season. 

Right: The mighty defensive 
line moves in hard to stymie 
the Briarcrest offensive attack. 

32 Memphis University School 

Teamwork carries 
Owls to Semifinals 

Left: Blake Lindsay, Bunky Parr, Todd 
Jean-Pierre, and Kane Alber take a 
breather before returning to the gridiron. 

\bove: Bunky Parr and Trae Bryant celebrate 
ifter a much needed defensive stop. 

Above: Future Midshipman Blake 
Lindsay goes in for the kill. 

The Owl 

Left: After a 
handoff from 
John Conrad 
McCrary, Derek 
Clenin picks up 
a block from 
Senior captain 
Tyler Wohrman. 

This year's football season started with high expectations and 
aspirations with the Commercial Appeal's predicting a visit to the 
Clinic Bowl. The season started out slowly with the first game against 
Melrose at the Liberty Bowl being postponed because of inclement 
weather. That game was a tough game that the team believed they 
should not have lost. The next two games against Jackson Prep and 
Harding were complete victories for the good guys. 

The Jackson Prep game started out with an exciting 78-yard 
touchdown run by Derek Clenin. After three more touchdown runs 
by Clenin and a touchdown pass to Hazlehurst the game turned into 
a rout. After a tough loss to the continual thorn in our side, 
Brentwood and an embarrassing loss to the Saints of Briarcrest the 
team re- vamped their effort to make it to the State Championship. 
Two of the next three games were shutouts in which the team scored 
more than 25 points. The other game was a sound beating of 
Montgomery Bell at their homecoming. After a dominating win 
over McCallie the team faced a talented Purple Wave team. 

In the most exciting game of the year a game that seemed over 
early ended up being decided by an amazing blocked kick by 
Clenin. With a bye in the first round of the playoffs and the second 
seat in the division we were in one of the best positions possible. In 
what was to be the final game of the season against a team we had 
already beaten, MBA, the Owls fought hard until the end, but they 
fell a touchdown short of the Clinic Bowl. Next year's Owls, unlike 
the last two years, will not have most of the starters returning, 
leaving a void to be filled by future stars of MUS football. 

Above: Derek Clenin, 
'nuff said. 

Memphis University Sehool 

Below: Preston Blankenship and Andrew Hooser 
move in to block for Senior tailback Derek Clenin. 

Below: The MUS football coaching staff: 
Coaches McCarroll, Gehres, McKay, 
Massey, Bennett, and Head Coach 
Bobby Alston. 

light: Derek Clenin continues to 
->e really, really good at football. 

The Owl 


Right: Will Owens admires his 
long, beautiful drive. 

MUS golf has a long 
tradition of excellence, both in 
regional and state competition. This 
year was no anomaly, as the 
eleven-man squad again showed a 
fine performance, representing 
MUS. to the finest degree. The 
owls were led by coach Ronnie 
Wenzler , who has coached the 
Owls on a voluntary basis since 
1995. The Owls were again unde- 
feated at the local level, achieving a 
perfect record of 9-0. Led by 
seniors Alex Debardeleben and 
Michael Murphy, both four-year 
lettermen, and by junior Scott 
Tashie, the team was destined for 
success. However, the 2002 team 
also found leadership in two fresh- 
men, Bobby Hudson and Alex 
Snyder, who each represented us 
well at the state tournament. Other 
team members included Watt Efird, 
Clay Chapman, Richard White, 
Matt Ganier, Will Owens, and Scott 
Wan-en. After a solid third-place 
finish at the regional tournament at 
Orgill Park, the Owls journeyed to 
Savannah, Tennessee for the 
Division II State Tournament. The 
Owls got off to an excellent start, 
with 75 's from both Alex 
Debardeleben and Scott Tashie. 
Coming into day two, the owls 
were tied for first with Chattanooga 


Baylor, last year's champions. 
Sadly, on day two, even though 
the Owls were consistent and 
played well, they failed to shoot 
low enough to secure their first title 
since 1996. Hudson led the team 
on day two, carving out a 76, with 
Tashie' s 77 and Murphy's 78 
securing our third-place finish 
behind Baylor and champion 
McCallie. Despite the owl's failure 
to secure a state championship, the 
future looks bright for the team. 
The leadership of Scott Tashie, 
coupled with the talent of current 
freshmen and sophomores are sure 
to give the Owls the opportunity 
for a state championship in the 
coming golf season. The future 
looks bright for this talented group. 

Right: Alex DeBardeleben and 
Michael Murphy take a break 
from the state tournament to ha- 
rass Bobby Hudson. 


Right: (L to R) Bobby Hudson, 
Scott Tashie, Michael Murphy, 
Coach Ronnie Wenzler, Alex 
DeBardeleben, and Alex Snyder. 

Memphis University School 

Far Left: WattEfird chips 
his ball out of a sand trap. 











White Station 


St. Benedict 






Sectional Tournament 

State Tournament 

*Victory By Playoff 



3 rd 


Left: Seniors Michael 
Murphy and Alex 
DeBardeleben check out 
their next shots. 

Below: On the final day of 
tryouts (L to R) Scott War- 
ren, Matt Ganier, Scott 
Tashie, Michael Murphy, 
Alex Snyder, Bobby Hudson, 
Richard White, Watt Efird. 
Will Owens, and Alex 
DeBardeleben pose with 
Coach Ronnie Wenzler. 

The Owl 


Cross Country 

The MUS Cross Country team, led by Coach Tyler and seniors William Adams, Marshall Goldsmith Will Hunt 
Collins Roll, and Brad Whiteside, had one of its strongest seasons this year. The Harriers finished first in the region and 
grabbed a strong third-place finish in the state tournament. ' 

Coach Tyler started the season early this year, beginning with grueling practices in which the team ran an 
average of 10 miles a day. All this hard work paid off on August 27 when the team placed well in the Shelby County 
Cross Country Jamboree. A week later the team participated in its first Shelby County League Meet at Shelby Farms 
in which they placed third. MUS was merely resting, however, because the next week they faced their first big 
challenge at the Chickasaw Trails Invitational in Alabama. In a huge boost to the team's confidence, they surprised 
their opponents and placed first. 

Encouraged by this victory, MUS returned home and finished third in the League Meet on September 17 The 
next big meet was in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the Great American Invitational. Against tough competition the 
Owls posted an impressive fourth-place finish. Moving into October, MUS began to train harder in preparation for the 
tournaments at the end of the season. 

Their hard work was apparent on October 15, when the team placed third in the county championships. Collins 
Roll was the highest finisher for MUS, placing second. This high finish allowed the Harriers to compete in the regional 

w?^ f? FarmS ° n ° Ct0ber 24 C ° UinS Ro11 a § ain P laced second 0ther MUS ^ finishers were Hunter Adams 
Will Hunt, Marshall Goldsmith, Brad Whiteside, William Adams, and Tom Billings. 

On November 2, the cross-country team arrived in Nashville to run in the Division 2 State Cross Country 
Championship. The race was to be run at Percy Warner State Park, an unfamiliar course for the Owls. To prepare for 
the championship, the team ran the course after they stepped off the bus on Friday. They then had to get up early 
Saturday morning to run for the title. The race began at 1 1 :30 AM , and in less than twenty minutes it was over. The 
? Jrc r d a medal - winnin § third P la ce, behind McCallie and champion Knoxville Webb. The top finisher for 
MUS was Collins Roll, who placed fifth with a time of 15:30. 
Marshall Goldsmith, Hunter 

Adams, and Will Hunt also 
finished in the top 30, placing 
15 th , 19 th , and 23 rd respectively. 
Other MUS runners were 
William Adams, finishing 31 st ; 
Brad Whiteside, finishing 48 th ; 
and Peter Zanca, finishing 56 th . 

Risht: Senior Collins Roll led the team 
this year with his fifth-place finish in 
the State Tournament. 

38 Memphis University School 

Left: Peter Zanca, Collins Roll, Brad Whiteside, Tom Billings, 
Marshall Goldsmith, Will Hunt, and Matt Dowling warm up 
before a race. 

Below: Will Hunt and Collins Roll make their way to the 
front of the pack— a familiar place. 

Right: Freshmen Peter 
Zanca and Matt Dowling 
pull out of the pack at a 
Shelby Farms league 

Left: Brad Whiteside 
struggles to get ahead of 
his opponents. 


League Meet 

Chickasaw Trails In v. (AL) 
League Meet 
Tennessee Classic 
Great American (NC) 
League Meet 
Frank Horton Inv. 
County Championship 
Regional Meet 
State Tournament 

The 0\\ 


3 rd 
1 st 


15 th 


3 rJ 
V 1 


Lower School 
Fall Sports 

Memphis University School 

Baby Owls Boast 
Big Victories 

Seventh Grade Football 





























Shelby League Championship 




The Owl 



The MUS Basketball team, led by Coach Jerry Peters and 
seniors Ryan Baum, Andrew Hanover, Clay Chapman, Henry 
Talbot, Philip Blackett, John Philips, Derek Clenin, and Nathan 
Haynes, had another exciting season on the court this year. The 
Buzzards made it to the quarterfinals of the regional tournament 
before being stopped by Bishop Byrne. 

Coach Peters and the team started to prepare for the 
season early this year, beginning with a grueling Phy-D schedule 
of long distance running and drills. The Owls pre-season effort 
paid off when they won seven of their first eight games, including 
impressive wins over Mississippi powerhouse Jackson Academy 
and Division 2 rival Montgomery Bell. The team's first real test 
occurred at the prestigious Carbondale Tournament in Illinois 
during winter break. They placed an impressive third place 
amidst the tough competition, and returned home to prepare for 
the remainder of the season. 

Encouraged by their performance, MUS returned home to| 
face the Lausanne Lynx. After a tough game, the team fell victim 
to Lausanne's big-name talent. The Owls struggled through the 
next ten games of their season. They won only four, but they did 
score victories over regional rivalsBriarcrest and Christian 

H0r -""qpp 

Above: Dara Chan wows the 
crowd with his halftime 
breakdancing madness. 

Right: Andrew Hanover makes^ 
a big steal against Lausanne. 

42 Memphis University School 


Above: Senior Captain 
Ryan Baum led the team 
with hig numbers in 
every game. 

Left: John Phillips looks 
for an open pass. 

Left: Derek Clenin breaks clown 

The Owl 


Below: Andrew Hanover 
hits a tough runner in the 

On February 7, the Owls played their homecoming game against 
Harding. Avenging an earlier loss to the Lions, the Owls put forth one of their 
best efforts of the season and won a clutch two-overtime game, 66-62. The 
Owls split their final four games of the season two and two, and began to 
focus on doing well in the State Tournament. 

The hard work paid off on February 22 when the team demolished 
Catholic in the first round of the Regional tournament, The Owls next 
opponent was the Scarlet Knights of Bishop Byrne. Although they fought 
hard, the Owls lost 43-55. 

By the end of the season the Owls had amassed an impressive 17-12 
record. Although they did not go as far as they hoped to in the playoffs, 
there were many highlights this season. The Owls defeated the Purple Wave 
twice during the season. Ryan Baum, who led the team in scoring with 16.5 
points per game, was a selection for the All-Metro Best of Preps team, while 
Derek Clenin proved to be an excellent point guard, averaging an 
outstanding two-to-one assist-to-turnover ratio during the year. 

The future continues to look promising for the Owls as returning 
underclassmen Philip Reed, Blake Weidman, Chris Cole, Lee Hoyle, John 
Conrad McCrary, and Marcus Moss build a strong base for next year's team. 

Above: The crowd goes wild as 
the Owls put up a big win against 
the Purple Wave. 

Right: Derek Clenin takes 
an open shot. * 

Far Right: Philip Blackett barely 
gets a shot in over the 
hands of his opponent. 

44 Memphis University School 

Left: Ryan Baum hits an easy 
jumper despite the intense pres- 

Above: Ryan Baum soars to block his Harding 
opponent's shot. 







Madison Ridgeland 



Jackson Academy 









Father Ryan 














Johnston City 




































St. Benedict 















St. Benedict 



Bishop Byrne 



I 65 




Bishop Byrne 


The Owl 



The young but talented 2002-2003 Wrestling Owls took on 
the daunting challenge of improving upon the previous year's 
accolades. They would not fail. The team posted an impressive 
undefeated regular season under the watchful guidance of head 
coach Tommy Harrison. New coach Sean Genres added upon 
assistant coach Burton Milnor's experience. Their job was made 
easier by the return of five experienced seniors Geer Alexander, 
Matt Cohen, Charlie Gordon, Alan Humphreys, and the previous 
year's captain Blake Lindsay. Their leadership combined with 
eight returning underclassmen starters to form one of the strongest 
lineups MUS has seen. 

The season began with an impressive win over regional foe 
St. Benedict 66-15. This began a series of blowouts over White 
Station, McNairy County, and rival Briarcrest before the team 
placed ninth in the prestigious Blackhorse Invitational. The team 
then decimated Munford before a short break before Christmas 
Break. During the "Holiday" the team spent countless hours in the 
two-year old wrestling room preparing for the second half of the 
long season. The Owls honed their skills and took on defending 
Division 1, Region 8 Champion and perpetual powerhouse Bolton 
High School. The Owls pulled off a tight victory and stayed 




St. Benedict 


j 65 

White Station 


I 67 

McNairy Central 







15 1 








State Duals 



Father Ryan 





Blake Lindsay awaits an 
oppurtunity to break his opponent 

Place winners at 
the State Indi- 
vidual tournament 
Nelson Rainey 
(6th), Andrew 
Hooser (5th), and 
Blake Lindsay 


46 Memphis University School 

■ ■>■ 

Above: The Whole Wrestling Team: Row 1: Coach Gehres, Sloan Abernathy, Grayson Sharpe, Geer Alexander, Garrott 
McClintock, fosh Hall, Coach Harrison, Danny Travis, Mason George, Matt Rutherford, Garrott McClintock, Coach Millnor, 
Row 2: Tom Sampson, Hays Doan, Joey Triend, Buck Lawson, Andrew Hooser, Blake Lindsay, Matt Cohen, Cameron Ridgway, 
Nelson Rainey, and Chris Levy. 

undefeated. Continuing their domination, the Varsity Owls shellacked Memphis Catholic School while the freshman 
Owls showed the future of MUS wrestling with Garrett McClintock taking first and Mason George taking second in 
their respective weight classes. Winning a key dual meet against Division II contender Harding secured the Owls' 
number two seed in the Western Region. During the Bolton tournament, many individuals gained invaluable 
experience going into the team's biggest date, January 25 th , the Regional Tournament. Hoping to make it to the State 
Duals for the third year in a row Coach Tommy Harrison was proud of the second place finish by the team, which 
stifled the efforts of Briarcrest and Harding before losing a disappointing match to CBHS. 

The next weekend after defeating Millington 60-16, the Owls traveled to Clarksville for the State Dual 
tournament. The team was defeated by both Brentwood Academy and state runner-up Father Ryan. The Owls had a 

strong showing improving on the previous year's 
performance by winning several matches. Two 
weeks later the team traveled to Chattanooga for 
the State individual tournament. Senior Blake 
Lindsay took third place in the state, while junior 
Andrew Hooser finished fifth, and sophomore 
Nelson Rainey took a disappointing sixth-place 
finish, with high hopes for next season. 

Cameron Ridgway looks 
for an opening to pin his 

The Owl 




81 Houston 121, Cordova 70, St. Benedict 52, Briarcrest 4, St. George's 

82 CBHS 1 30, Germantown 93, Bolton 4, Lausanne 

100 Collierville 87, Bartlett 51, Briarcrest 1 6, Bolton 9, St. Georges 

84 Houston 123, Cordova 82, Bolton 27, Lausanne 

Relay Meet 

8 1 CBHS 92, Houston 9 1 , Collierville 5 1 , Cordova 44, St. Benedict 34, Bartlett 32, Germantown 0, Bolton 0, EC 

Briarcrest 0, White Station 0, Lausanne 

78 CBHS 112, Germantown 42, St. Benedict 30, Bolton 1, Lausanne 
1 20 Collierville 1 1 2, Bartlett 60, Bolton 1 1 , St. Georges 0, Lausanne 
93 Houston 100, Cordova 59, Bolton 18, Lausanne 

79 Germantown 69, Collierville 66, Bartlett 33, ECS 24, White Station 

County Championships 

506 CBHS 550, Houston 403, White Station 358, Germantown 296, Collierville 242, 

Cordova 203, ECS 183, Bartlett 184, St. Benedict 124, Briarcrest 75, Bolton 28, St. Georges 0, Lausanne 

Right: Swim Team captains John 
Harkess, Jamie Drinan, and Geer 

Left: Gordon Conaway's 
muscles ripple as he pre- 
pares to leave the block for 
the 100 free. 

48 Memphis University School 

Left; Jonathan Lunati pulls Above: Joseph Robinson 
through his freestyle. struggles through the water on 

his way to victory. 

The Ow 


Lower School 

Seventh Grade Basketball 

Eighth Grade Basketball 













St. Benedict 



Grace St. Luke's 












Mt. Pisgah 



Mt. Pisgah 


Pendleton Tournament 3 rd 

Pendleton Tournament 

1 st 











Bishop Byrne 






Marion Hale 



Holy Rosary 












Fayette Academy 





WS Middle School Open 






















Christ the King 













































St. George's 
Shelby League Toi 

irnament 1 st 









Shelby League Tournament 

2 nd 








Seventh Grade 

Hoopsters take League 


Above: The Shelby League Champion Seventh Grade Basketball Team: Row 1: L to R: Coach Rose, 
Connell Hall, Tyler Massey, Watson George, Brent Hooks, Patrick Boyer, Ross Montague, Jake McCrary, 
Jeffrey Wright (Manager), Row 2: L to R: Coach Rose's son, Robbie Zettler, Blair Wright, Teddy Klug, 
Alan Blount, and Graham Jones. 

Spring Sports 

Varsity Tennis 


Team Honors 

Buckhead Rotary Tournament 1st Place, 
MBA Tournament 1st Place, 
Regional Tournament 1st Place 

Varsity Soccer 












White Station 






St. Benedict 


Father Ryan 





Regional Tournament 


State Quarterfinals 


Individual Honors 

Greg Sossaman and Michael Flowers: Regional 

Doubles Champions 

Greg Sossaman and Michael Flowers: State Doubles 


Coach Bill Taylor: Commercial Appeal Coach of the 









52 Memphis University School 




v «&^ j 

Varsity Baseball 


1 MUS 

X / 


MMffiHI s^^fe^sl^ «" 

Tennessee-Mississippi Classic 

1 7 



£»*» #^ Br >B 

*$%**$** -\ 7 



Hl ** ._.- — "^^^^B 

| 8 

Magnolia Heights 


W^ \f\ 

Murphy Assoc. Challenge 

W^* mXk 

1 2 

West Memphis 


1 4 

Magnolia Heights 



St. Benedict 


1 3 

Magnolia Heights 

Ik Wtfm 

^B : % '9 

! 3 



| 6 



1 2 



I 7 

St. Benedict 


1 2 



: 1 





1 \ 

| 7 

Olive Branch 


Magnolia Heights 


"Best of the West" Tournament 



6 i 








White Station 


Varsity Lacrosse 



Pepsi Challenge 






White Station 



St. Christopher's, VA 






Mercersburg Academy, PA 


\ 11 

White Station 



Blair Academy, NJ 



Holderness School, NH 






Mercersburg Academy, PA 







5 ; 
























St. Benedict 



Father Ryan 


. 17 



Regional Tournament 












MBA (TSLA Semifinals) 






USN (TSLA Consolation) 



The Owl 


Right: Whitney Branan, Lucy 
Harris, Elizabeth Hunt, Maggie 
Fesmire, Camille Casey, and 
Carie Balton pose for a picture 
before the Bridges Kickoff Clas- 
sic game against Melrose. 

Above: The MUS Football 
Cheerleading Squad with Coach 
Bobby Alston. Top Row: Camille 
Casey, Carie Balton, Lucy Har- 
ris, and Brooke Parker. Middle 
Row: Maggie Fesmire, Lauren 
Byrd, Whitney Branan, and 
Stephanie Foley. Bottom Row: 
Austin Varner, Laine Peeler, 
Elizabeth Hunt, and Brokke 

Above: Laine Peeler stunting. 

Right: The MUS Basketball Cheerleading Squad after the home- 
coming pep rally. Top Row: Katherine Allen, Sissy Springfield, 
Jennings Pitts, Sequoia Taylor, Taylor Fisher, and Chloe Ayres. 
Bottom Row: Andrea Moore, Megan Stout, Carey Faber, and Greta 
54 Memphis University School 


From "Go big team down the field!" to "It's great to be an MUS Owl!" the various sounds of the 
cheerleading squads have become a part of every student's psyche. A football or basketball game would 
seem completely devoid of MUS Spirit without the stirring, ardent chants of the cheerleaders. 

Braving the bitter cold of winter football games while wearing little more than their brand-new 
short skirt and halter-top uniform, these girls faithfully cheered on our team to a commendable seven 
victories this season. These young ladies began practice in April in an effort to provide quality cheering, 
and practice continued throughout the summer. Not only do they provide top-notch cheering for our fans, 
but they also manage to perform risky stunts intended to galvanize the crowd. Every Thursday afternoon, 
the girls decorate the football locker room and provide a feast of various homemade and store-bought cakes 
and cookies, a gesture which is the highlight of the week for many football players. Every now and then, 
the cheerleaders also put on a fundraising pizza sale for the student body. 

The Basketball cheerleaders stood alongside the team for its seventeen victories, two of which 
included CBHS poundings. While providing many of the same services to the school as the Football 
Cheerleaders, these girls lovingly cheer on the Basketball Team and lead the legendary MUS spirit that 
seems to place MUS a cut above the rest. Their dedication throughout the year is much appreciated, not 
only by the team, but also by the student body as a whole. 

In addition to the normal rigors of general cheerleading, the MUS Cheerleaders are an integral part 
of the famous Pep Rallies. From helping Mr. Haguewood and Mr. Matthews lead the student body in the 
traditional "15 Snappy Rahs" and the "Fight Song" to announcing the ever-controversial "Roll Calls", the 
cheerleaders prepare the school for a big win at the evening's homecoming game. 

These talented young ladies are an important part of MUS. Thanks to their efforts, spirit is high 
throughout the year, providing a key element in the tradition of athletic excellence. 

Above: Whitney Branan in- 
tently watches the Owls' grid- 
iron battle. 

Left: The Football Cheerlead- 

The Owl 



56 Memphis University School 


The Owl 


Language Clubs 

Complementing MUS's outstanding language department are the 
Language Clubs. Though not widely recognized as clubs in the MUS community, 
the three language clubs provide some interaction between students of different 
grades taking the same language. 

The Latin Club is the most active of the Language Clubs. Annually, the 
Latin Club attends the Tennessee Junior Classical League Convention, in which 
MUS ' s finest Latin scholars participate in a variety of activities with students from 
other schools. These activities include Certamen (a Latin and Greek trivia 
competition), academic testing competitions, and a number of athletic events 
modeled on those of ancient times. 

The Spanish Club, despite recent attempts to revive it, does not participate 
in many activities, besides the occasional Spanish Club dinner at Taco Bell. 

The French Club, likewise, does not have many activities, but its members 
have been known to go to La Baguette and hold French-speaking contests, even 
for those students studying Latin or Spanish. 

Mr. Wayne Duff is the faculty advisor for the Latin Club, Mrs. Molly Bun- 
is the faculty advisor for the Spanish Club, and Dr. Reginald Dalle is the faculty 
advisor for the French Club. 


VW\ J0»S TOl-K.N Uti H 1 SiCNUP 



Above: French Club Co-Presidents 
Lee McNabb and Faris Haykal enjoy 
Dr. Dalles French artifacts. 

58 Memphis University School 

Above: Fyler Fisher and Sunny Majumdar enjoy the classical feast of Corky s 

French Club 

Latin Club 

Spanish Club 

The Owl 


The Owl's Hoot 

With CD's blaring over the speakers and the tattoo of 
fingers on keypads, the Upper School computer lab is always 
abuzz with activity on Saturday mornings. The majority of the 
noise comes from the diligent staff of the Owl '$ Hoot, our school 
newspaper. The Hoot, as it is affectionately known, comes out 
almost monthly. The papers have over 15 pages of exciting and 
enthralling material, including surveys, crossword puzzles, and 
controversial editorials. All of this is possible because of the 
hard work of the editors and staff, and the diligent advising of 
Mr. Norman Thompson. 

This year's co-editors-in-chief were Faris Haykal and 
J.K. Minervini. Stressing that the paper was going in an 
entirely new direction this year, these two pioneered the 
Saturday -morning meeting system, which entails 
newspaper meetings three Saturdays a month to ensure 
the quality and the on-time arrival of all the paper's 
editions. The editors themselves put in many extra hours 
of service, industriously laying out and editing the paper. 

Students and faculty were very pleased with the 
result, and they praised this year's paper as the best they 
have seen in years. They commended the excellent 
writing and photography, as well as the thought-provoking 
content. The Owl's Hoot editorial section approached many 
important issues this year, such as affirmative action, the Iraqi 
conflict, and possible sexism at MUS, all of which aroused 
debate throughout the student body. 

Taken in retrospect, this year's school newspaper was 
both informative and entertaining, a delight to both readers and 


Above: The whole newspaper staff. 



1*1 * nn m*i^ 



Above: Where newspapers go to die. 
Memphis University School 

Left: The Co-Editors-In-Chief, 
Faris Haykal and JK Minenini. 

The Ow 


The Owl 

Every year the MUS yearbook 
staff faces many questions and challenges: 
Will there be good pictures this year? Are 
the proofs going to get to the publisher in 
time? Where is that Cross Country copy? 
And (most importantly) where in the heck 
is last year's yearbook? Despite all this 
adversity, this year's editors have worked 
hard to produce a quality yearbook that 
students can look at and be proud of. 

This mammoth 190-page Owl you 
are now reading is the product of hundreds 
of hours of work on Saturday mornings. 
For the first time in recent memory, most 
of the work for this year's book was 
actually done on time, and not in a furious 
tornado of activity beginning halfway 
through February and ending mid-summer. 
The 2002-2003 staff came together and, 
under the leadership of editor-in-chief 
Conor Quinn, has produced an excellent 
record of the school year, a historical 
account and a source of nostalgia for years 
to come. 

Above: On an early Saturday morning work session, Editor- 
in-Chief Conor Quinn teaches future Editor Adam Kaplan the 
secrets of Pacemaker and Photoshop. 

Right: Editor-in-Chief Conor 
Quinn puts in some long hours 
to finish the book. 

Above: Another Saturday morning finds Lee McNabb, Adam Kaplan, and 
Conor Quinn hard at work. 

62 Memphis University School 

Above: Always a source of comfort and 
inspiration, the Tiki Man provides guid- 
ance to editors in need 

Right: Conor Quinn 
resists the opportunity 
to discuss certain 
irregularities in the 
2001-2002 yearbook. 


The MUSe 

George Bernard Shaw once said "without art, the crudeness of reality 
would make the world unbearable." The MUSe literary magazine serves as our 
school's artistic lifeline, protecting us from the ravaging philistine hordes of cultural 

This year, the MUSe went under a few large changes. For years the staff 
had been divided into waning factions with the "poet-boyz" under the poetry edito 
warring against the prose editor and his "proseys"; while the editor-in-chief 
desperately tried to maintain the order in this war- torn world of pretty pictures and 
pastel art. This feudalistic style of editorship slowed down productivity and made a 
well-balanced MUSe difficult. 

This year, in a literary coup, editor-in-chief Michael Morisy revolted against 
the ruling dogma that has oppressed the MUSe and it's staff for generations. 
Breaking down the walls of the artistic conflict and diversity, Morisy changed the 
entire concept of "section editor," giving each editor his own little section of the 
MUSe to layout. Friendship flowed as all editors were allowed to dip into all forms 
of art and to share all works, by all contributors, equally; with Morisy himself, 
guiding them and guarding them from above. 

With a vigor and determination unseen by the publication in years the 
MUSe editors and staff gathered their creative energies and hurled themselves into 
battle, forging what looks to be one of the finest MUSe's in recent history. Already 
eclipsing last years 

MUSe at a whopping ■".'■' _ ; ;mM , 

eighty pages of full sized 
print, this MUSe seems 
to finally have regained 
the power and glory that 
its forefathers possessed. J 
While the 2003 MUSe is 
a mighty juggernaut of 
poetry it also maintains a 
lighter more carefree 
attitude that has been :Z 

lacking from previous 
incarnations of the 


C .0-*.KNJ, 

When subtlety just 
wont do. 

MUSe Deadline 
-rvV\s Thursday 

64 Memphis University School 

MUSe Staff: From Back to Front: John Collier, Fcldie Owen, William Brandon, Fvan Hererra, Mike 
Morisy, Fric Wilson, Timothy Chen, Barton Mallory, Tushar Jha, Jesse Huseth, Chad Donahue, Mike 
Schaeffer, Robert Rodgers, Tyle Fisher, Cash McCracken, Walter Klyce, Alex Gates, Owen Brafford, 
Michael Fong, Mike Montesi, Ben Bleustein, Jeff Posson, Austin Carpenter, and Trey Adams. 

izing Action! 


:page 1 

In another daring feat, Michael has also attempted to bring the MUSe into the 21 st century 
by creating the first ever MUSe CD. Now those people of artistic mind who can onlj show their 
talent verbally will be recognized. The Ml ISe is evolving. 

While the entire staff has worked hard, this year's MUSe would have been completely 
impossible without the hard work of Michael Morisy. w ho nobly sacrificed many nights of slumber 
and weekends of joy for the sake of bringing art to this school. Special thanks also goes to faculty 
advisor Dr. Gross for all his advice and encouragement throueh the \ ear. 

The Owl 


&fonor Council 

The Honor System has been a tradition at MUS since its founding in 1 893 and is inter- 
preted and governed by the Honor Council, which acts as an impartial court in hearing the 
cases that come before it. The system encourages mutual trust and confidence among student; 
and their teachers. The Council may make recommendations concerning any action to be take 
against violators of the system, but the administration has the final decision regarding those 
recommendations. To maintain such a system, it is the responsibility of every student to be 
honorable himself, both in word and deed, and to report any person violating the Honor Code 
This responsibility, taken by the students, is what makes the Honor System thrive. 

President Marshall Goldsmith, Vice President Andy Garrett, Secretary Andrew Hanover 
and Grade Representatives Edward Taylor, Gordon Conaway, Spencer Heflin, Weller Drennor 
Hunter Adams, and Phillip Flinn served on this year's Honor Council. Mr. Thompson served 
as faculty advisor. Marshall did an excellent job as President of the 2002-2003 Honor Coun- 
cil, and he will be remembered as one of the best Presidents in recent memory. 

"For in short, the spirit of the Honor System is a way of life, and that way of life is the 
way of Honor." -Bernard Mayo, Prof., University of Virginia. 

This years Honor Council Presi- 
dent: Marshall Goldsmith. 

66 Memphis University School 

Above: The Lower 
School Honor Council: 
(From L) Christopher 
Blood worth, Scott 
Edwards, Jeffrey Webb, 
and Kevin Owen. 

Left: The Upper School 
Honor Council: Row 1: 
Edward Taylor, Spencer 
Heflin, Marshall Gold- 
smith, Andrew Hanover; 
Row 2: Andy Garrett, 
Gordon Conaway, 
Weller Drennon, Phillip 
Flinn, and Hunter Adams. 

The Owl 


Student Counci 

This year's Student Council once again 
was busy thinking of ways to entertain their 
peers. Under the leadership of President John 
Harkess, the Student Council succeeded in their 
goal and surpassed all expectations. The Student 
Council founded new traditions such as Field 
Day and Quiz Bowl, while also rejuvenating old 
traditions such as Fall Fest (with the return of 
mud wrestling and the car bash) and Mock 
Graduation, The Executive Committee 
performed their jobs to near perfection and 
supported President Harkess throughout the year, 
Vice-President William Adams managed all Pep 
Rallies and took over the President's duties in his 
absence. Commissioner of Social Events Tyler 
Wohrman beautifully orchestrated the dances and 
chose great bands for both Homecomings and 
Spring Formal. Commissioner of Special 
Activities Allen Humphreys provided weekly 
distractions for all students with his dodgeball 
games and eating contests, Secretary-Treasurer 
Brandon Arrindell took notes during all meetings 
and managed the pizza sales. Commissioner of 
Student Welfare Robert Snowden represented his 
peers on the Disciplinary Committee and 
consistently highlighted Monday chapels with 
his funny announcements. Finally, Commissioner 
of Student Services Alex "Boom Boom" Pao 
insured that the senior lounge was complete with 
a foosball table, Playstation 2, and comfortable 


John Harkess 


William Adams 

Commissioner of Student Services 

Alex Pao 

Commissioner of Student Welfare 

Robert Snowden 

Commissioner of Special Activities 

Alan Humphreys 

Commissioner of Social Events 

Tyler Wohrman 


Brandon Arrindell 

couches. As usual, the Student Council 
Representatives from each grade could be counted on 
to perform the manual labor whenever necessary. 
Ultimately, the Student Council had a very 
successful year, as they improved student body/ 
administration relations and set an example for 
future Councils to follow. 

68 Memphis University School 


Left: Student Council Execs Alex Pao, John 
Harkess, and Tyler Wohrman open doors 
for young men. 

Bottom Left: Student Council advisor Mr. 
Manning Weir is always hard at work. 

Below: All of the Student Council Grade 
Representatives who showed up for the 
picture are shown here. 

n iue ^- n a r l l 





William Adams 

Brandon Arrindell 

John Harkess 

The Owl 69 

Government Club 

The government club is by far 
the largest student organization at 
MUS. The club's long-time sponsor 
is Mr, Guy Amsler. This year's 
executive board was made up of 
president Andy Garrett, senior vice 
presidents Philip Blackett, John 
Harkess, Barlow Mann, Conor 
Quinn, Faris Haykal, and Babu 
Rayudu, and junior vice presidents 
Adam Kaplan and Paul Moinester. 
The club's purpose is to inform 
students about international and 
domestic issues and to debate those 
issues. It does so by offering club 
members participation in three 
activities: the YMCAModel United 

Above: The Costa Rica delegation 
(Stephen Kriger, Gordon Conaway, 
Lee Hoyle) won awards for Outstand- 
ing Research and Outstanding Resolu- 
tion at YMCA Model UN. 

Nations in Nashville, the Mid-South 
Model United Nations at Rhodes 
College, and the YMCA Youth 
Legislature in Nashville. 

The YMCA Model United 
Nations, held in downtown Nashville, 
is a simulation of the United Nations 
in New York. At this conference, 
most delegates choose a country to 
represent, write a position paper 
describing their country' s background 
and views on given topics, and finally 
write a resolution to be debated at the 
conference. Other delegates represent 
their countries in the Security 
Council, in the International Court of 
Justice, or serve on the International 
Press Corps. MUS had yet another 
successful year at the conference. 
Conference officers from MUS were 
President of the General Assembly 
Andy Garrett, Vice Presidents Paul 
Bunch, John Harkess, and Barlow 

Mid-South Model United 
Nations, sponsored by Rhodes 
College, takes a slightly different 
approach to simulating the real U.N. 
Delegates at this conference work 
individually to write position papers 
and draft resolutions, representing 
their countries' views on two specific 
global issues. At the conference, 
delegates work together to write a 
resolution pleasing to all nations. 
Rhodes Model UN is the least 
participated in activity of the 
Government Club, and this year's 
delegation was only three members. 

The YMCA Youth 
Legislature, held in the state capital 
building, instructs students in the 
democratic government in our 

country. Students write bills to 
deal with issues facing the state of 
Tennessee and debate them in the 
Red House, Red Senate, Blue 
House, and Blue Senate. The Red 
chambers are for experienced 
participants, while the Blue 
chambers serve as training ground 
for new representatives. Other 
components include the governor's 
cabinet, the lawyer component, 
lobbyist firms, and the press corps. 
Officers from MUS at this 
conference included Philip 
Blackett, Paul Moinester, Robert 
Rogers, Adam Kaplan, Conor 
Quinn, John Harkess, Dara Chan, 
and Brad Whiteside. 

70 Memphis University School 

Far left: As Government Club advisor, 
Mr. Guy Amsler has maintained a 
tradition of excellence with multiple 
award-winners and office holders at 
the YMCA Model UN and Youth 

Left: Senior Executive Conor Quinn 
accepts the award for Best Delegate in 
the Security Council from YMCA 
Youth Director Susan Moriarty. 

Above: The Government Club officers 
with Club advisor Mr. Amsler (From L: 
Adam Kaplan, Babu Rayudu, Paul 
Moinester, Barlow Mann, Philip 
Blackett, Conor Quinn, Andy Garrett, 
and Faris Haykal). 

Left: Tyler Fisher and Adam Kaplan 
won Outstanding Delegate awards in 
the General Assembly at Model UN. 

The Owl 


Civic Service 

Service, as defined by the Community Creed, qualifies as one of the seven ideals governing student attitude and 
behavior. The Civic Service Organization, chaired by Ken Farmer and advised by Mr. Smythe, provided plenty of 
opportunities for students to give back to both community and school. 

Ken decided this year to get away from small, one-day projects, and, instead, focus on developing long-ter 
relationships with the city and performing more permanent projects. The Reading Bridge was open to students throughout tJ 
first semester, allowing students to read to kindergarteners at Martin Luther King Elementary School each week. In addition 
tutoring and basketball coaching at Kipp Academy on Saturdays was open to interested students, along with tutoring at 
Second Presbyterian Church on Thursdays. The Civic Service organization continued its relationship with Kipp Academy 
during a home football game by organizing pre-game activities and food for the children before allowing the children to 
observe the game from the student section. After the game, a dance was provided, with proceeds going to charity. Also new 
this year, the Civic Service Organization joined the Student Council in sponsorship of a quite successful Fall Fest. 
Additionally, students had the opportunity to volunteer at a run benefiting Polycystic Kidney Disease and donate books for 
those in need. 

Civic Service Charity Week proved to be very successful Three guest speakers prompted students to give 
blood, tutor, and visit the Civil Rights Museum downtown. The week culminated With the talent show, a popular annual eve 
hosted this year by Ken, Shahzad Khan, Mr. Smythe, and Mr. Olson. The show consisted of multiple bands, comedy sketci 
break dancing, musical solos, and an entertaining rap video. AD proceeds went to the Habitat for Humanity house that MUS 
and Hutchison students constructed in the spring. 

Vice-chairs this year included 
Shahzad Khan, Chase Carlisle, Farris Haykal, 
Philip Blackett, Andrew Hanover, and Edward 
Taylor. The hard work and innovative ideas of 
Ken and Mr. Smythe established new 
relationships within the city that will greatly 
benefit the future work of the Civic Service 

Above: Randall Holcomb Right: The design 

entertains the crowd at the for this years 

Talent Show with his musical Charity Week T- 

talent. Shirt. 


72 Memphis University School 

Left: Civic Service Organization Chairman 
Ken Farmer and Stuart Gillespie give 
blood during Charity Week. 

Below: More construction of the Mud 

Above: The Blood Mobile pulls in for a 
very successful day of donation during 
Charity Week. 

Left: John Harkess constructs the Mud 
Pit for the joint Student Council-Civic 
Service Fall Fest. 

The Owl 



Mr. Broer, the keynote speaker at this year's 
Cum Laude Induction, give a thought-provol 
ing speach on the benefits of a liberal arts 

Mr. Russell gives his traditional speach on 
the three mottoes of the Cum Laude Society: 
Arete (Excellence), Dike (Justice), and Time 

Student Council 
William Adams, Mr. 
Russell, and Mr. 
Eikner listen intently 
to Mr. Broer' s ad- 


Austin Carpenter 
Dara Chan 
Jamie Drinan 
Marshall Goldsmith 
John Harkess 
Shahzad Khan 
Hill Stoecklein 
Tyler Wohrman 
Edward Yang 


Brandon Arrindell 
Brent Boswell 
Timothy Chen 
Austin Chu 
Sean Curran 
Adam Kaplan 
Cash McCracken 
Lyle Muller 
Edward Taylor 

Former Members 

(Inducted Winter 2002) 

Philip Blackett 

Paul Bunch 

Andy Garrett 

Faris Haykal 

Joel Iglehart 

Blake Lindsay 

Lee McNabb 

JK Minervini 

Michael Norman 

Conor Quinn 

Babu Rayudu 


The mock trial team performed very well in this year's competition. 
The team benefited greatly from the leadership of Mrs. Elizabeth Crosby, 
Bailey Leopard, and MUS alumni Ralph Gibson and Jim Robinson. The Red 
Team, which consisted of more experienced members, included attorneys JK 
Minervini, Carie Balton, and Loren McRae, and witnesses William Adams, 
Barlow Mann, Leslie Montesi, Anna Burhop, Anne Marie Dudas, and Tyler 
Fisher. The Blue Team members were attorneys Alex Chinn, Trey Bowden, 
and Aaron Markowitz, along with witnesses Joy Agho, John KJinke, Katy 
Langston, Kyle Fong, Andrew Gordon, and William Brandon. 

The competition took place during the first week of Feburary. On the 
first night, the Red Team defeated Cordova as defense. Neither team played 
Tuesday evening. On night three, the Red Team was victorious once again, 
this time over St. Benedict as prosecution. That night, the Blue Team also 
defeated their opponent, Ridgeway, as prosecution. Unfortunately, both 
teams suffered losses on Thursday night. The Red Team was defense against 
a very good Houston team in a heated match. The Blue Team played against 
an eerily synchronized St. Mary's team. These losses brought an end to the 
teams' aspirations of state competition. The Red Team's Carie Balton and JK 
Minervini took turns winning best attorney. Alex Chinn was awarded best 
attorney for the Blue Team on both nights of competition. Best witnesses 
were Joy Agho for the prosecution and William Brandon for the defense. 

Special thanks to all coaches and the attorneys who watched 
scrimmages, Mr. Eikner, and team captains JK Minervini, Carie Balton, and 
William Adams. The eight senior team members will be greatly missed after 
this year; however, those who remain show great promise for next year. 

Above: After the competition, the team discusses the case with one of 
the judges. 

76 Memphis University School 

r rom L: William Adams, Barlow Mann, Coach Bailey Leopard, Anne Marie Dudas, Tyler Fisher, Anna 
Surhop, Leslie Montesi, Carie Ballon, JK Minervini, Loren McRae, and Mrs. Crosby. 

Before — 

Left: Tyler Fisher poses with Leslie Above: Barlow Mann looks 
Montesi, Anna Burhop, Carie off in the distance as Carie 
Balton, and Loren McRae. Balton smiles at the camera. 

JK Minervini, Red Team Captain, practices 
with the team in the campus center. 


William Adams looks on as JK, Carie, and 
Lauren work the case. 


The thrill of victory and the agony of de- 
feat: the team eats downtown after the com- 

The Owl 



Below: Houston Hagewood, always the 

crowd pleaser, serenades the ladies with 

"Brown Eyed Girl." 

Below: Warner Russell belts out his 

solo in the classic "Ain't to Proud to 

Beg" at the MUS winter concert. 

Left: Senior JK Minervini is a 
four-year veteran of Beg To 

Above: Michael Schaeffer, Da\ 
Minervini, and William Adai 
sing at the BTD Winter Cho 

78 Memphis University School 

Below: Jesse Huseth, Philip Braun, and Warner 
Russell sing their important harmonies in "Walkin 
in Memphis." 

Beg to Differ, Mils' s resident singing 
ensemble, had an extremely successful year. A 
nationally renowned male a cappella choir, the group 
performed surprisingly well for a group comprised 
of mostly underclassmen. Under the excellent 
guidance of music guru John Hiltonsmith, BTD 
performed all over the city, dazzling audiences with 
their unique repertoire. The troupe even attended an 
a cappella contest in Atlanta in which they did an 
outstanding job. 

This year's group is comprised of seniors 
Houston Hagewood, Jesse Huseth, Phillip Braun, 
William Adams, Phillip Blackett, and JK Minervini. 
juniors John McGreger, Blake Wiedman, and Drew 
McCarty, sophomores Charles Askew, Ben 
Bleustein, Clint Cowan, Will Hickman, Warner 
Russell, Mike Schaeffer, and Eric Wilson, and 
freshmen Adrian Doggrell, Walter Klyce, Taylor 
Maury, Ian Noble, and David Minervini. 

The group sang many different songs this 
year, including some Southern gospel, modern pop. 
Catholic hymns, the national anthem, and, as 

always, the MUS alma mater. They 
also brought back such old favorites as 
It 's All Right and The Lion Sleeps 
Tonight, and they also tried out some 
new arrangements, like Spiderman and 
Mary Did You Know. So impressive is 
this group that Mr. Hiltonsmith intends 
to release a new Christmas CD. 
featuring Houston Hagewood' s 
entertaining rendition of You re a Mean 
One, Mr. Grinch. 

As always, the Beg to Differ 
group has spawned a number of 
quartets; this year two such were 
featured at the annual Christmas 
concert, one of seniors (Houston 
■ Hagewood, Phillip Braun, Jesse 
Huseth, and JK Minervini) and one of 
freshmen and sophomores (Eric Wilson, Mike 
Schaeffer, Will Hickman, and Walter Klyce). 

A well established MUS tradition. Beg to 
Differ will continue to perform, entertain and 
impress for many more years. 

Left: Freshman Walter Klyce entertained 
audiences with his solo in the theme 
\from "Spider-Man." 

The Owl 


■'v- "-.".- - 

y '*y 


Memphis University School has always touted its excellent academics, and the Math Department is one of the 
school's best examples of the school's quality. In order to gain a grasp on the "universal language," students are required 
to take at least five full years of math. Through the curriculum students learn both basic mathematic principles such as the 
Pythagorean Theorem as well as the more complicated concept of finding the slope of tangential lines through the use of 

The students' journey through "Math Magicland" begins in seventh-grade Pre- Algebra under the tutelage of Mari 
Burke or Betty Williams. In eighth grade, students are divided into classes of either Algebra I taught by Mr. Bruce Ryan 
and Mrs. Burke or Algebra Essentials, which Mr. Joe Tyler teaches. The truly talented students begin their advanced 
courseworkin Mrs. Williams' Accelerated Algebra I class. 

As soon as students enter the Upper School they are subjected to the vagaries of triangles and the horrors of 
mathematical proofs in Geometry, taught by either Mrs. Diana Moore or Mr. Darin Clifft. Students willing to brave the 
truly terrible trauma can take Accelerated Geometry with Mr. Ryan or Mrs. Moore. In 10 th grade students must take 
Algebra II with Mrs. Susan Quinn, Mr. John Knaff, or Mr. Tom Brown. Students who want to learn how to be "bad to 
the bone" and how to impress girls with "the Math Dance" take Mr. Murphy' s Accelerated Algebra II. 

Now almost at the end of their mathematical careers, students may either take Function and Data Analysis with 
Mrs. Quinn, or venture onward into Pre-Calculus with Mr. Murphy or Mrs. Nancy Gates. Juniors with more inquisitive 
minds take Mr. Mike Gunn's Accelerated Pre-Calculus. Once 1 1 th grade is over, students can now take any one of three 
A.P. courses. Mr. Clifft offers A.R Statistics, while Mr. Murphy challenges his students in A.P. Calculus AB. For the 
"few good men" who have stuck with M.U.S.'s demanding accelerated track, Mrs. Gates' A.P. Calculus BC is the last lej 
of their "mathmagical" journey. 

Above: Ever studious, 
Josh Williamson ponders 
the latest challenge of 
Functions and Data 

82 Memphis University School 

Right: What is wrong with these 

Left: Robert Snowclen, Rich Bollinger, 
and Scott Tashie puzzle over their 
class work. 

Below: Department chair Nancy Gates 
works on her latest problem for the AP 
Calculus examinations. 

Above: Andrew Hanover looks over 
his homework for potential hints about 
the upcoming quiz. 

Right: Gray Sain and Carter Landis 
show their skill as teachers as well as 

The Owl 

O 5 

5 J 

H i sto ry 

Many would call the History Department the backbone of MUS, and those people would probably be right. 
Under the leadership of Department Chair Dr. John Harkins, an AP and regular European History teacher, the History 
Department allows students to learn about many different cultures, to examine trends throughout time around the world, 
and to see how economic, political, religious, geographical, and cultural factors affected world history. 

In the Lower School, 7* Graders begin their MUS history career with World Area Studies, a general evaluation 
of different cultures taught by new teacher Mr. Shaun Genres and Mr. Guy Amsler, In the 8 th grade students take a 
general overview of American History taught by Mr. Genres and Dr. Robert "Doc" Winfrey. After these two courses, 
students are ready for their Upper School history career. 

In the 9 th grade, students take a one-semester course of Ancient and Medieval History, taught by Mr. Patrick 
McCarroll. This required course gives students a good background for all other history classes. In the 10 th grade, 
students are given a choice of European History, taught by Mr. McCarroll, Dr. Harkins, and Doc Winfrey, or AP 
European History, a much more difficult course taught by department chair Dr. Harkins. In the 1 1 tb grade students are 
faced with a similar choice of AP American History taught by Mr. Eric Berman and the regular section taught by Upper 
School Principal Mr. Barry Ray and Mr. Amsler. 

In their senior year students have a wide range of History electi ves to choose from. Coach Jerry Peters offers AP 
and regular United States and Comparative Government to those students interested in the political sciences. Students 
more intrigued by the arts can choose between AP Art History with Mr. Berman and the new Humanities course, joint 
taught by Mr. Berman and Mr. Russell. The more adventurous senior may choose to enroll in International Issues, the 
new Co-Edge course joint taught by Mr. Berman and Hutchison teacher Dr. Paula Barnes. 

Above: Mili Patel and Chris 
Freeman are enthralled by Dr. 
Harkins' history lecture. 

Right: Dr. John Harkins provides 
some far too interesting insights 
into personal life. 

84 Memphis University School 

Left: Mr. Eric Herman lectures his Art 
History class. 

Below: Chu and his pencil case in the 
zone on an AP US History test. 


Left: Mr. Berman oversees another AP 
US test for his juniors. 

Above: Warner Russell and Cody 
Curtis can't get enough of Dr. Harkins. 

The Owl 



The Science Department of MUS is one of the smallest at MUS, but it offers one of the most useful of all the 
curricula. Offering an important grounding in the fundamentals of several branches of science, the Sciences provide 
training in laboratory procedure, familiarity with equipment, and problem solving ability throughout the required two 
years of Lower School and two years of Upper School science classes. 

Students begin their scientific careers at MUS with the one-semester course Force, Motion, and Energy, 
which provides a sound understanding of the basic principles of, you guessed it, force, motion, and energy. Through 
experimentation, reading, and problem solving, students begin to learn the foundation of the sciences from Mr. Bill 
Matthews or Mr. Andy Saunders. Eighth Grade students study the basics of Earth Science, including mineral 
identification, weather patterns, and tectonic movements, from Mr. Saunders, Mr. Matthews, and Mr. Beck. 

Upon entering the Upper School, all freshmen are required to take Introductory Physical Science. This full 
year course taught by Mr. Beck, Mr. Matthews, and Mrs. Victoria Daniel, gives students a more advanced look at the 
basics of science then they were given in the Lower School. Students explore the atomic model of matter through 
many laboratory experiments. 

In the tenth grade, students make a choice of classes. Some students choose to take Chemistry, taught by Mrs. 
Daniel and Dr. Kilzer, a full-year course that explores the elements and the laws of nature through lab work. Others 
may choose to take Biology with Mr. Saunders or Mr. Bill Taylor. 

In their junior year some students choose to end their science career at MUS, but most continue on to either 
Biology or Chemistry, depending on what class they took as sophomores, or they may choose to move on to the 
Advanced Placement level of their science of choice. 

As seniors, students have a choice of regular or AP Physics, both taught by Mr. John Olson. In the regular 
section students study the basics of a college Physics course including mechanics, light and sound, electricity and 
magnetism, and modern physics. The AP course represents a full college-level course and contains more specific 
information than the regular section. 

Above: Jess Robinson and 
Sam Buckner explain mo- 
lecular genetics to one of 
their classmates. 

Right: Dr. Kilzer and Mrs. Daniel 
take a break between chemistry 

86 Memphis University School 

: //ocAO-uto*U£. . pe^SoM&J. coM/booV.b'V^/?. 

£ lfcA.K«. Gil** >*«*.» 

v»t 5 

jtu V™. ~ V 


U- V. A '} 

Left: With Mr. Olson mysteriously 
absent, Austin Chu teaches the basics 
of momentum conservation to the AP 
Physics class. 

Below: Camille Varner demonstrates 
the subtle intricacies of Gauss's Law to 
Tushar Jha, JK Minervini, and Mr. 



The aim of the MUS Religion program is to give students a firm* well-rounded background in the field. In the spirit of the 
school's mission to raise its boys in a strong ^Christian tradition," seventh graders take a course in Old Testament history, 
taught by Mr. Haguewood and Mr, Dent, This course concentrates on a careful, informed reading of selected portions of the 
Old Testament. Emphasis is given to the historical context of the stories and their development. Students are required to take 
a similar course in New Testament history during their freshman year. The life and teachings of Jesus, the ministry of Paul, and 
the development of early Christianity are the three main facets of this course. 

After establishing a firm foundation in the historical tradition of the Bible, pupils can expand their knowledge of Religion 
through the abundance of elective courses. Perhaps the most popular elective choice is Philosophy & Ethics, which offers an 
introduction to some of the major schools of philosophical thought, both classical and modern. Students focus on the study ol 
the philosophies themselves before discussing current values and problems. Another popular choice is Comparative Religion 
This course offers a survey of prehistoric and primitive religion that leads into the history of contemporary Eastern and 
Western religions. Finally there is Christian Theology, a course which emphasizes the important thinkers who have shaped 
Christian thought in the West. With such a wide range of courses a student can be sure that he will leave MUS with a well- 
rounded basis in religion that suits his personal needs. 

Above: Joel Iglehart and Collins Roll search Alexis 
DeTocqueville's Democracy in America for answers to prob- 
lems plaguing modern democracy. 

88 Memphis University School 

Above: Religion department chair Mr. Clay Smythe helps ) 
Conrad McCrary to differentiate between Kierkegaard's Ch 
tian Existentialism and Sartre's Existential Humanism. 

Left: Bernard Sherrod stretches out in 
the courtyard during an outdoor 
Philosophy and Ethics class. 

Below: Lee McNabb and James 
McKenzie stuggle with an open hook 
Ethics quiz. 

Above and Left: Bible teacher and 
head lacrosse coach Mr. Dent discusses 
the intricate study of Old Testament 
authorship with his 7th grade classes. 

The Owl 


Fine Arts 

As you enter the fine arts wing on a dreary Tuesday morning during seventh period, you can hear the loud bangs I 
clatters of hammers and the whir of saws, but above all of this noise you can hear Mr, Saunders telling the dedicated student 
the Theater Production class to work harder and get things done. 

The Fine Arts department of MUS has several classes offering a variety of different art to MUS students. Mr. John Hiltonsn 
heads the Fine Arts department and teaches several classes. Mr. Hiltonsmith leads the eighth grade choir first semester, teac 
music to the eighth grade second semester, instructs a music theory course for upperclassmen, and finally directs the internatioi 
award-winning a cappella group, Beg To Differ. 

Mr. Bowman, the visual arts teacher, also leads a variety of art courses. Art 7 is a one-semester course that serves as 
introduction to art for the younger student. He also teaches the Art I and Art II courses for upper school students to take betw 
their freshman and senior years. These classes dig a little deeper into the many elements of drawing and painting. Every year, 
art classes display their work in the Fine Arts Wing for all students to admire. 

Woodworking is a popular class among MUS students. Taught by Mr. Schmitt and alumnus Richard Cowan, woodwork 
is offered to both juniors and seniors. Each student must create a piece which shows that he has mastered the skills taught in 
class. When Mr. Schmitt' s students are asked, "do you take wood?" the answer is usually an emphatic yes. 

Mr. Schmitt also teaches a photography class to seniors. Each student must provide his own 35mm SLR camera i 
supplies, so that he can shoot and develop his own film, as well as create prints. Students explore such elements of photography 
line, shape, color, and contrast as they work to compile a portfolio showing their artistic progress. 

Finally, for those students who aren't as hands-on in the arts, there are two classes offered as Fine Arts credits that sur 
history. Mr. Eric Herman offers APArt History, a survey of humankind's artistic expression in painting, sculpture, and architect 
from the cave paintings of the 
Stone Age to the abstract 
compositions of the post- 
modern era. Mr. Russell and 
Mr. Berman joint-teach a 
humanities course, which 
analyzes literature and 
philosophy in addition to 
artistic developments. 

The Fine Arts 
department is an essential part 
of. the MUS liberal arts 
education which challenges 
students to work beyond the 
typical High School 

Above: Saturday morning finds theater 
production student Jeffrey Posson in the 
workshop working off his class cuts. 

Above: All MUS seventh graders are required to take an art clas< 
which they learn the basics of sketching, painting, and wire scu 

90 Memphis University School 

Left: Mr Schmitt outlines a new wood 
carving project to Collins Roll, Jamie 
Drinan, and Alan Humphreys. 

Below: Max Dynerman works on his 
art project. 

Above: Despite his formalwear, Alan 
Humphreys puts the finishing touches 
on his wood project. 

Left: Ben Hanks constructs a wire 
figure in 7th grade art. 

The Ow 



Walking down the hall, a strange perfume piques your curiosity. Could it be a . . . girl? The 
wall of students parts, and you see a group of Hutchison girls gracefully striding down the corridor. 
What overwhelming force could break the forces of gender segregation? 

Only one courageous program could "dare to disturb the universe", Co-Edge. The dawning 
of the age Co-Edge has enabled seniors, a few juniors, and one or two sophomores to take classes at 
our sister school of Hutchison and vice-versa. Quoting the Co-Edge website, "Typically, MUS 
students take advantage of the Fine Arts courses at Hutchison, while Hutchison students generally 
participate in MUS Social Studies classes. However, students may take courses in other areas with the 
approval of the program' s coordinators." A team-taught International Issues Seminar by Mr. Eric 
Berman and Dr. Paula Barnes carries the Co-Edge brunt. This class alternates between the MUS and 
Hutchison campus. International Issues addresses many of the current, world issues that affect us 
every day even if they do not make the headlines every morning. The class also brings guest lecturers 
to shed some light on topics that they have studied thoroughly. 

The jointly taught International Issues class is the first of its kind, but for many years 
Hutchison students have come to MUS for Mr. Peter's AP American and Comparative Government, 
Mr. Olson's AP Physics, Mr. Smythe's Christian Theology, Mr. Koehn's Psychology, and various 

Though Co-Edge is met with opposition from both sides, the majority of students agree with 
our Headmaster, Mr. Haguewood, when he said, "I believe that to develop well-rounded students, we 
must offer the opportunity to have an academic experience with members of the opposite sex, an 
experience which will allow them to appreciate one another as academic equals and which allows 
them to interact on an intellectual level." 

Above: Liviri on the Co-Edge, Mary 
Beth Buchignani, Randall Hoi comb, 
and a somnolent Houston Hagewood 
study International Issues, jointly 
taught by our own Mr. Berman, and 
Dr. Paula Barnes from the school 
across the way. 

92 Memphis University School 

Right: Mary Kyle opted to take 
Spanish III here at MUS instead of at 


Ah, RE. Does any other class evoke such fond memories as Physical Education? Be it the pure 
joy of tackling some freshman in knee-football or the pain and suffering the Physical Fitness test 
causes, every day of gym class offers a new, unique experience. 

MUS has quite an impressive athletic facility. With lacrosse, soccer, baseball, and 2 football 
fields, a recently redone track, two gymnasiums, numerous locker rooms, and a well-equipped weight 
room, students at MUS are offered many opportunities to increase their physical ability. However, the 
ultimate method to becoming more physically fit is to take RE. 

All Lower Schoolers are required to take RE. in both 7 th and 8 th grade. Coaches Tommy 
Harrison, Matt Bakke (also the Department Head), and Phillip Massey keep these youngsters in line 
while introducing them to the realm of gym class. After each rigorous quarter of running ins and outs 
and cross-countries and struggling to bench the bar, all students take the Physical Fitness test, which 
determines about 40% of their grade. Additional exercise is gained in the forms of knee-football, RE. 
basketball (a different sport entirely from real basketball), and moving heavy things for the Athletic 

Upon entering the Upper School, those students not participating in or managing a school sport 
move up to the Varsity level of RE. Coach Orlando "the O-Show" McKay's rallying cries of "Get 
stout!" and Coach Bubba Burr's sheer intimidation help their students to make excellent scores on the 
Physical Fitness test, the same one that the Lower Schoolers take. Varsity RE. follows the same 
curriculum as Lower School RE., but with more basketball and a more odiferous locker room. 

Coach David Ferebee is the school's athletic trainer. He makes sure that all participants in 
Varsity RE. and the lesser sports (football, basketball, etc.) stay healthy and return to the playing field 
as soon as possible. 

Above: Jayshal Patel leads the pack of Varsity 

The Ow 



One of the man} skills the MUS studenl is pri\ ileged to learn is the ability to speak, read. 01 
foreign languages. Whether declining piiella or conjugating manger, students are bombarded with a fusillade of 
grammar drills and pronunciation exercises in order to become proficient enough in their language to not acciden- 
tally say "The sausage devoured the girl." 

Language study begins with required Latin I in the eighth grade under the tutelage of Mr. Ellis and Mr. 
Duff. For those w ho decide to leave the study ol Latin. Dr. Dalle offers French to those of a more Parisian 
persuasion. Students hone their French grammar and enrich their vocabulary through extensive use of the French 
In .Action video series starring Valerie Allain as Mireille Belleau. 

Students who leave Latin may also choose to studs Spanish, and a large majority does. Spanish is taught 
by the superb team of Mrs Molly Burr. Mr. Vincent Mutzi, and Mrs. Beba Heros. 

If you ask them, onh the best students continue in the study of Latin, stud) ing Caesar's De Bella Gallico 
with Mr. Duff in Latin II, Cicero's First Oration against Catiline with Mr. Duff in Latin 111. The sell-styled finest 
ot Classical scholars continue to AP Latin IV with Mr. Lllis for a study of Vergil's Aeneid. Although it is hard to 
imagine why. some Latin students do continue after the AP to Latin V for an elective study of Latin lyric poets 

Above: Mrs. Burr 
hands back the lat- 
est Spanish III quiz. 

Right: As he quietly yearns 
for the lyric odes of Horace, 
Latin teacher Mr. Richard 
Ellis oversees the translation 
of Cornelia and Flavia's most 
rececnt adventure. 

94 Memphis University School 

Left: Lee McNabb enjoys French far, 
far too much. 

Below: A table of memoirs reminds 
lone French teacher Dr. Reginald Dalle 
of the pleasures of the old country. 

Above: William Brandon and Brent Boswell 
enjoy their co-ed Spanish fll class. 

Left: You may not believe it, but that is the 
entire Latin V class, just Babu Rayudu, Conor 
Quinn, and Dara Chan. 

The Owl 



One of the most important skills used In the real world has to be the use of our native tongue. Knowledge of 
English grammar, vocabulary, composition, and even culture or legend are important in today's society. We become more 
well-rounded and educated when we understand the literature and language that creates the background for our world. 
Proficiency in the English language helps other important skills surface, and the MUS English Department certainly helps 
its students develop them. 

In the seventh grade, the English classes consist mainly of creating a strong foundation in basic grammar, 
vocabulary, and mythology. Mrs. Crippen and Mr. Torrey take on the task of teaching the seventh graders the basics. As z 
eigth grader, one continues to explore the English language and reads more traditional English literature, while Mr. Shclton 
Mr. Russell, Mr. Torrey, and Mrs. Crosby employ creative techniques to further students' knowledge. Dr. Gross, Mr. 
Eikner, and Mr. Thompson teach the freshmen to improve their writing skills, use proper grammar, and understand 

In the tenth grade, the curriculum focuses on the greatest works of American literature. Mr. Askew, Mrs. Crosby, 
Dr. Baer, and Mrs, MeCarroU teach the themes of literature that define American culture. As juniors, students have a choic 
of English classes. For the first semester, eleventh graders may take either Junior English Review, taught by Dr. Gross, Mr 
Askew, and Mr. Russell , or AP English 1 1 , taught by Mr. Shelton, For the second semester, juniors may either take British 
Literature with Mr. Eikner or continue with AP English, First-semester seniors take AP English with Mr. Thompson or 
British Literature II with Mrs. McCarroll, Mr. Eikner, or Mr. Thompson. Seniors have a wide variety of English elect! ves t 
choose from for their second semester: Arthurian Tradition with Mrs. Crippen, Dramatic Literature with Dr. Gross. 
Shakespeare with Mr. Russell or Mr. Thompson, and Southern Renaissance Literature with Mr. Askew. 

Right: Ms. Elizabeth Crosby be- j 
gins to lose patience with her 
American Literature students. 



Right: Cody Curtis and Michael 
O'Mell study English over a 
prone Ches Linebarier. 

96 Memphis University School 

Left: Kyle Fong, Wilson McManus, 
Mohamed Hajj, and Michael O'Mell 
work in the Wunderlich for Mrs. 
Crosbys American Lit. class. 

Below: Mili Patel and Jimbo Rainer 
work in the library on their American 
Lit. term papers. 

Above: Most of Mr. Lin Askew' s American Lit. 
class is far too distracted by the presence of a 
yearbook photographer even to feign interest in 
The Scarlet Letter. 

Left: Mr. Norman Thompson takes a water break 
before continuing to destroy any sense of falsely- 
procured self -worth. 

The Owl 


Below: Mrs. Julia DeBardeleben, the 
Lower School administrative assistant, 
keeps the Lower School running. 
Right and Below Right: Mrs. Roosa, Mrs. 
Hurst, and Mrs. Easum keep Mr. Ray and 
Mr. Gunn on their toes in the Upper 
School Office. 


Above and Right: The janitorial staff 
keeps MUS looking its best each day. 


98 Memphis University School 

Right: Lower School Math teacher 
Mrs. Burke goes over attendance 
lists with Mr.s. DeBardelehen. 

The Ow 





Ellis £. &fa guewood (1969) 
^B.^f. Warding College 
^M.^A. University of ^Memphis 


iS:-: ?: €V ; ' : j-' : 

■■%E-s.'w : '-:; :i -- :: - : 

William c B.%ay (i 97 8) 

R^f. University of the 


zM.Ed. University of 


Zipper ^chool 'Principal, 

instructor in 3fi story 

Richard Q. "Broer (1$ 

I 1980, 1996) 

J S.e>f. Brown UniVersi 

■M.*A. Stanford 
j University 

£o°9i>er School "Princip, 

102 Memphis University School 

Bobby A. Alston (1977) 

B.S., M.A. University of 


Director of Athletics 

A. Robert Boelte (1969) 

B.A. Tulane University 

M.Ed. University of Memphis 

Louisiana State University; 

University College, Oxford, 


Director of College Guidance 

Michael E. Gunn (1985) 

B.A. Christian Brothers 


M.S. Vanderbilt University 

M.Ed. University of Memphis 

Academic Dean; 

Instructor in Mathematics 

W. Ellen McDonell (1995) 

B.A. University of Mississippi 

M.L.S. University of 


Director, Joseph R. Hyde, Jr. 

Library Learning Center 

William L. Askew (1979) 

B.A., M.A. University of 


Director of Admissions; 

Instructor in English 

Perry D. Dement (1996) 
B.A. Rhodes College 
Director of Development 

Marc MacMillan (2000) 
B.S. University of Mississippi 
Business Manager 

The Owl 



Leah R. Allison (1998) 
B.A., M.A.T. 
University of Memphis 

E. Guy Amsler HI (1983) 

B.A. Rhodes College; 
University of Arkansas 
Instructor in History 

Emily A. Baer (1998) 

B.A., Ph.D. University of 


M.A. University of Maryland; 

Ohio State University 

Associate Director of College 


Bonnie U. Baker (1999) 
B.A. Harding University M.A. 
University of Arkansas 

I v I 

Matthew D. Bakke (1999) 

B.S. University of Memphis 
Instructor in Personal 
Development and Physical 

- X 

Terry D. Balton 

B.A., M.A.T. 
University of 
Instructor in 

Vincent W. Beck 


B.S. Old Dominion 


Instructor in Science 

Thomas L. Brown (1 
B.S. Harding Collegi 
M.S.T. Wichita Stat 
Instructor in Mathen 
and Computer Scien 

Eric A. Berman (1992) 

A.B. Princeton University 

M.A. University of 


Instructor in Fine Arts and 


Sheila Bohannon 
Business Office 

Maria Burke (2001) 
B.S. University of 
Instructor in 

Peter M. Bowman 

B.F.A. Memphis 
College of Art 
M.A.A. Montana 
State University 
Instructor in Art 

104 Memphis University School 

Barbara L. Crippen 


B.S., M.Ed. University 

of Memphis 

Instructor in English 

^mes P. Burr (1992) Elizabeth M. Crosby 

.B.A., M.A. University of (1995-1997, 1999) 

lemphis B.A., M.A. University 

istructor in Physical Education of Virginia 

Instructor in English 

ary W. Burr (1993) 

A., M.A. University of 


istructor in Spanish 

Reginald A. Dalle (1981) 

B.A., M.A. University of 


Ph.D. University of 


Instructor in French 

Victoria S. Daniel 

B.S. Tusculum 
College, M.S. 
Instructor in Science 

Elliott J. Dent III (1996) 

B.A. Hampden-Sydney 


Instructor in Religion 

arin R. Clifft (1999) 

•S., M.S. University of Memphis 
istructor in Mathematics 

Wayne E. Duff (1985) 
B.A. University of Memphis 
M.A. University of Washington 
Instructor in Latin 

Mary Nell Easum 

Upper School Administrative 

Phillip B. Eikner (1983) 

B.A. University of Virginia 
Instructor in English 

W. Richard Ellis (1990) 

B.S. University of Memphis 
M.A. University of Iowa 
Instructor in Latin 

Claire Farmer 

Development Office 

The Owl 


David E. Fcrebcc 

B.S. Ohio State 
Athletic Trainer 

Nancy N. Gates (1998) 
B.S. Mississippi 
University for Women 
M.S. University of 

Donald Bailey Wiener 
Instructor in 


Shaun £. Genres 

B.A. Rhodes College 
Instructor in Social 


I I 00G1 ,# 

Jeffrey T. Gross (1988) 

A.B. University of 


M.A., Ph.D. University 

of Virginia 

Instructor in English 

John E. Harkins 
(1968-1970. 1974- 
1975, 1986) 

B.S., Ph.D. University 

of Memphis 

M.A. Louisiana State 


Ross McCain Lynn 

Instructor in History 

Thomas E. Harrison (1997) 
B.S. Delta State 
M.Ed. University of Memphis 
Instructor in History and 
Physical Education 

Jose R. Hernandez (2002) 

B.A. University of Memphis 
Escuela Normal de Educacion 
Fisicalnstructor in Spanish 


Bebe B. Jonakin (2005 

Beba C. Heros (1985) 

John F. Hiltonsmith 

Denise Hunt 

Judy Hurst 

B.A. Judson College 

B.A. Siena College 


Development Office 

Upper School 

M.Ed. University of 

Instructor in Spanish 

B.M.E. University of 





Director of Counseling 

Instructor in Music 


106 Memphis University School 

Patricia A. Kilzer (1999) 

B.S., Ph.D. University of 


Instructor in Chemistry 


B.S.E.E. Pennsylvania 

State University 

M.B.A. University of 


Instructor in Mathematics 

and Social Studies 

Jeffrey S. Koehn (1996) 

B.A. University of 


M.S. University of 


Upper School Counselor 

Debbie Lazarov 

Development Office 

Phillip W. Massey (2001) 

B.B.A. Baylor University 
M.Ed. Bethel Collese 
Instructor in Physical Education 


jam ■■ 

W ! 

r . 

William D. Matthews (1985) 

B.S. University of Memphis 
M.Ed. University of 
Instructor in Science 

Patrick W.McCaxroU 

B.A. Rhodes College 
M.A. University of 
Instructor in History 

Maxine Molasky 


Anne B. McCarroll (2000) 

B.A. Colorado State 


M.A. University of 


Instructor in English 

Iflando R. McKay (1996-2000, Diana B. Moore (1993) 


!A University of Washington 
1|B.A. University of Memphis 
Atructor in Physical Education 

B.A. University of 


M.Ed. University of 


Instructor in Mathematics 

Loyal W. Murphy IV (1990) M. Vincent Mutzi (1970) 

B.S.C.E. Rice University B.A., M.A. University of 

Instructor in Mathematics 


Instituto de Monterrey 

Instructor in Spanish 

John D. Olson (1992) 

B.A. Earlham College 

M.S. University of Tennessee 

Instructor in Science 

The Owl 


Harold J. Peters (1960) Susan B - Q^ 1 " 1 

B.A. Rhodes College ^"^ 

M.A. University of BS > MA - Miami 

Memphis University; Babson 

Instructor in History and Lollc S c 
Social Studies Instructor in 


Carol Redden 

Development Office 

Marge Roosa 

Upper School 
Administrative Assistai 

Beth Russell 

Development Office 

James D. Russell (1965) 

B.A. Tulane University 

M.A.T. Vanderbilt 


Sue Hightower Hyde 

Instructor in English 

Judy A. Rutledge (1994) 

B.A. Arizona State 


M.A. Pepperdine 


Educational Technology 


Bruce B. Ryan (2001) 

B.A. Harvard Universi 
J.D., M.B.A. Stanford 

Instructor in Mathema 
and Information Systei 

Jean Saunders 

Business Office 

Andrew F. Saunders III 

B.A. Harding College 
M.A. University of 

Instructor in Science 
and Fine Art 

Paula Schmitt 
Business Office 

Curtis R. Schmitt (198! 

A.B. Wabash College 
M.A.R. Yale Universit 
Divinity School 
Instructor in Art 

108 Memphis University School 

Terry N. Shelton 

B.A., M.A. University 
of Memphis 
Instructor in English 

| S. Clay Smythe (2001) 

B.A. University of 
M.A. Covenant 
Theological Seminary 
Instructor in Religion 

William S. Taylor (1976) 

B.S. Rhodes College 
University of Georgia; 
University of Missouri 
Acting Chairman, 
Department of Science 

Norman S. Thompson 

B.A. University of 


M.A. University of 


L. Edwin Eleazer III Chai 

of Excellence in Teaching 

Instructor in English 

Dax A. Torrey (2000) 

B.A. Vanderbilt 
Instructor in English 

Joseph S. Tyler (1999) 

B.S. Creighton 


M.A. University of 


Instructor in 


Bryn W. Wulf (2002) 

B.A. University of Iowa 

M.S. University of 


Lower School Counselor 

J. Manning Weir (1998) 

B.A. Connecticut College 
M.S. University of Memphis 
Dean of Student Life 

Michael Whiteside 


Betty D. Williams (1989) 

B.S. Mississippi State 


M.Ed. Union University 

Instructor in Mathematics 

Robert H. Winfrey (1986) 

B.A. University of Memphis 

M.A., Ph.D. University of Oklahoma 

Instructor in History 

The Owl 



110 Memphis 

Above: Ryves must be sleepy because 
he doesnt seem to notice Preston and 
Michael trying to play with him. 

Right: Robert and Steed share a bag of 

Fritos; they share the moment; they share 


University School 

RonOoH tfcOcomb 

CLASS OP 2003 

Below: Performers at the Tower 
of London reenact the crusades. 




Left: Steed Carson limits press 
coverage of the lovers. 


Below: Great-grandson of the 
first student enrolled at MUS, 
Robert Snowden is exempt 
from tucking in his shirt. 

' K . 


■■mw, « 



Above-left: Carter knows how 
to get what he wants. Or is it 
the other way around? 

Above: The Honor Council at 
MUS consists of only the most 
dignified and mature students. 

Left: Shahzad Khan and Clark 
Mayfield smile for the camera 
while John Harkess asks a girl. 
"How you doin'?" 

The Owl 


John Robert Adams, III 

Cross Country 9; Wrestling 10; Pick the Winners 9; 
Proffesional Prognosticators 9,10,11,12; Club 
Sandwich 10, 11; Soccer Club 12; Bowling Club 12; 
Literary Magazine: Staff 10, Art Ed. 12. 

x < : „-VCx .-;.. 

William Holcombe Adams 

Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, Soccer 10, 11; Basketball 9; 
Student Council Vice President 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12 
(President); Beg-To-Differ 9, 10, 11, 12; Mock Trial 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Student Mentor 11, 12; Student Ambassador 11, 12; Young Life 9, 
10, 11, 12; Club Sandwich 10. 

Keith Bennett Alexander 

Soccer 9, 10, 11; Tennis 12; National Chemistry 
Exam 11; Civic Service 11; Spanish Club 9, 10, 
11; Student Tour Guide 11; Student Ambassador 
12; Professional Prognosticators 12; Erisbee 
Club 9, 10; Club Sandwich 10. 

112 Memphis University School 

Michael Geer Alexander, Jr. 

Wrestling 9, 10, 12; Swimming 11,12 (Captain); Dean's List 
10, 12; Civic Service 10; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin 
Club S; Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Youth 
Legislature 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Model UN 10, 12; Ultimate 
Frisbee Club 12. 

Edward Hastings Allendorfer 

Model UN 11; Diversity Club 12. 

Elisha White Atkinson 

Cross-Country 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, Model UN 9, 
10, 11, Youth Legislature 10, 12, Pep Band 10, 12, Guitar 
Club Vice-President 9, 11, 12. 

The Owl 


Ryan Baum 


Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Student 
Council Representative 9, 10, 11; Spanish Club 
9, 10, 11; Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 
11; Pick the Winners 9, 10; Club Sandwich 
CEO 9, 10, 11. 

Christopher Lloyd Beck 

Track 9, 10; Cross-Country 9, 10; Model UN 9, 10, 
12; Youth Legislature 10, 11; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; 
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 12; Harvey 12; 
Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Guitar Club 11, 12 (Vice- 
President); Civic Service Day Camp 10; Stage Crew 

Phillip Curtis Braun, Jr. 

Football 12; Track 9, 11, 12; Beg to Differ 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Barbershop Quartet 11, 12; Latin Club 9; Spanish Club 10, 11; 
Professional Prognosticators 12. 

1 14 Memphis University School 

Preston Taylor Wales 


Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11; Wrestlin S 
11, 12; Student Council Representative 9, 10, 11, 
12; Student Council Convention Delegate 9, 10, 
11; Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12 
(Vice President); MUS Bible Study 9, 10, 11, 12; 
9/11 Day of Caring Participant 11; Club 
Sandwich President 10, 11. 

Owen Hadley Brafford 

Deans List: 9, 10, 12; French Honor Society: 11; 
French Club: 9, 10, 11 ,12; Philosophes: 9, 10, 11, 
12; Professional Prognosticators: 9, 10, 11; Guitar 
Club: 9, 10 ,11 (President), 12 (President); Cross 
Country Manager 11; Lacrosse: 9, 10; Track Man- 
ager: 11; Wrestling: 10; Student Council Conven- 
tion Delegate: 11; YMCA Youth Legislature 11, 12; 
YMCA Model UN: 10, 11; MUSe: 11, 12 (Editor); 
Goverment Club: 10, 11, 12; Diversity Club: 12; 
Mentor: 12; Faculty Honor Roll: 9, 10, 12; Science 
Bowl Team: 12. 

> hiHp Carrington Blackett 

Dean's List 9, J 0,1 J, 12; French Honor Society 10, 11, 12: Cum 
Laude Society 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; History Honor 
Society 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; National Achievement 
Finalist 12; Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12 (Vice President); YMCA 
Model United Nations 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Youth Legislature 9, 10, 
11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 (Most Improved Player 11): Beg To 
Differ 10, 11, 12; Diversity Club 12 (Founder and President) ; 
Webmaster of School 's Black History website 11, 12; Newspaper 
Staff 11, 12 (Viewpoints Editor 12); Civic Service 9, 10, 11, 12 
(Vice -Chairman of Grade Projects 12); French Club 9, 10, 11, 12. 

The Owl 


Glen Edward Bryant, III 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Student Council 
Convention Delegate 9; Professional Prognosticators 9, 
10, 11, 12 (President); Owl's Hooters 11, 12. 

Paul Michael Bunch 

Wrestling 9; Soccer 9, 10; National Latin Honor Society 9; Cum 
Laude Society 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; National Merit 
Semifinalist 12; AP Scholar with Honor 12; Chemistry Award 10; 
Spanish I Award 10; Spanish II Award 11; l si Place American 
Chemical Society Chemistry Exam 10; 4 th Place National Spanish 
I Exam; 10 th Place National Spanish II Exam; Dean's List 9, 10, 
11, 12; Dean's Scholar 9, 10, 11; Latin Club 9; Spanish Club 10, 11, 
12; 7 th Grade Spanish Tutor 12; Newspaper 12 (Features Editor); 
Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Youth Legislature 9, 10, 11; 
YMCA Model UN 9, 10, 11 (Chaplain), 12 (Vice President). 

Chaseton Ross Carlisle 

Lacrosse 10, 11, 12; Football 10, 11, 12; Swimming 12; FCA 10, 1 
12; Civic Service 10, 11, 12 (V ice-Chairman); Government Clul 
10; Club Sandwich 10, 11; Young Life 12; Spanish Club 10; 
Winky's Fine Dining Club 10, 11; Professional Prognosticators 
10, 11, 12. 

1 16 Memphis University School 

Steven Andrew Carlson 

Cross-Country 9; Soccer 9, 10, 11; Spanish Club 
9, 10; C-45 10, 11. 

Austin Webb Carpenter 

Government Club 9,10,11,12; Deans 
Scholar 10; Deans List 9,10,11,12; Mu 
Alpha Theta 11,12; Spanish Honor Society 
11,12; National History Club 12; Social 
Editor 12; MUSE 12. 

Matthew Steed Carson 

Deans List: 9, 11; The Society of the Divine 
Right: 12; Basketball: 10, 11; Latin Club: 9; 
Breakdancing Club: 11; Movie Club: 9, 10; Owl's 
Hooters: 10. 

The Owl 

Dara Vutha Chan 

National Latin Exam 9 (Silver), 10 (Gold), 11 (Gold); 
IPS Award 9; Latin III Award 10; Latin IV Award 11; 
Civic Service Grade Representative 11, 12; Latin Club 
9, 10, 11, 12; Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Breakdancing Club 11 (President); Hip-Hop Club 12 
(President); MUS Talent Show Most Entertaining 11; 
Diversity Club 12. 

Clayton Joseph Chapman 

Basketball: 9, 10 M, 12; Golf: 10, 11; Student 
Council: 11, 12; Mentor: 12; Professional 
Prognasticators: 12; FCA: 11, 12; Bible Study: 9, 
10, 11, 12; Spanish Club: 10, 11. 

Ting Rong Chen 

Basketball 12; Wrestling 9; Track 9; Recreational 
Basketball 9, 10; Latin Honor Society S; Habitat For 
Humanity 11, 12; Hands on Memphis 11, 12; Visioneering 
10; MUS Summer Day Camp 11; Latin Club 8, 9; Spanish 
Club 10, 11; Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Youth 
Legislature 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Model UN 9, 11; 
Diversity Club 12. 

8 Memphis University School 

Derek Michael Clenin 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Basketball 9, 11, 
12; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; FCA 9, 10, 11, 12; Profes- 
sional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12; Young Life 
9, 10, 11, 12; Red and Blue Convention Delegate 
9, 10; Student Ambassador 12; Student Tour 
Guide 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Jon Matthew Cohen 

Wrestling 9, 10, 11 (Spirit Award), 12; JV Soccer S, 9; 
Cross Country 7,8; Student Relations Committee 7,9; 
Civic Service S, 9, 10; Latin Club S; Spanish Club 9, 
10, 11, 12; Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Youth 
Legislature 9, 10, 11 (Blue Speaker Pro-Temp of the 
House), 12; YMCA Model UN 9, 10, 11, 12; Ultimate 
Frisbee Club 12. 

Frederick Alexander 
DeBardeleben, V 

FCA 9, 10, 11, 12 (Pres.12); Golf 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain 12); Golf- 
Best of the Preps 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9; Spanish Honor Society 
11; Student Council 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Student 
Ambassador 11, 12; Civic Service Committee 10, 11, 12; Student 
Relations Committee 9, 10; Bridge Builders 11, 12; Red and Blue 
9, 10, 11, 12; School Tour Guide 9, 10, 11, 12; Lower School 
Mentor 11, 12. 

The Owl 


Dana Scott Doggrell 

Lacrosse 9; French Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Newspaper 10, 11, 12 
(Business Manager); Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Youth 
Legislature 9, 10, 11, 12; Model UN 10, 11, 12; Red and Blue 
Convention Delegate 10. 

James Jeffrey Drinan 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11; Lacrosse 12; 
Basketball 9; Swimming 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 
10, 11, 12; Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA 
Youth Legislature 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Model UN 10; 
MUSe 9, 10, 11, 12; Newspaper 12 (Sports Editor); 
Student Ambassador 12; Student Mentor 11, 12; Dean's 
List 9, 10, 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; National 
Honor Society 11, 12; Spanish Honor Society 11. 


Michael Christopher Easo 

Basketball Manager: 10, 11, 12; Spirit Video: 12; Ambassabor: 11 
12; National Honor Society: 11, 12; National Spanish Honor 
Society: 11, 12. 

120 Memphis University School 

George Douglas Edwards, 


Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; 
Club Sandwich 10, 11 (Cheese-E-O); Civic Service 
Organization 12 (Executive); Election Commission 12; 
Student Mentor 12. 

Kenneth Samuel Farmer, Jr. 

Lacrosse 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Cross 
Country 10; Model UN 11; Civic Service 
Executive 9, 10, 11 (Vice-Chairman), 12 
(Chairman); FCA 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Michael Terry Flowers 

Tennis: 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Spanish Club: 9, 10; 
Professional Prognasticators: 9, 10, 11. 

The Owl 


William Dallas Flowers, I] 

Student Ambassador 12; Student Council Chaplain 12; 
Dean's List 12; Student Mentor 12; Tennessee Christian 
Youth Fellowship Council 12; Tennis 11; Emmanuel Center 
Tutoring 12; Mu Alpha Theta 12; Spanish Club 9; YMCA 
Model UN 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Youth Legislature 10, 11; 
School Tour Guide 11. 

Andrew Edward Garrett 

Track 9, 10, 11; Basketball 9; Swimming 11, 12; Cross Country 9, 11; 
Optimist Club junior Citizenship Award 8; National Latin Honor 
Society 9; 11"' Place National Spanish 1 Exam; Modern European 
History Award 10; Dartmouth Club Book Award 11; National Honor 
Society 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; Cum Laude Society 11, 12; 
National History Honor Society 11, 12; National Merit Semifinalist 12; 
AP Scholar with Honor 12; Honor Council 9, 10, 11, 12 (Vice 
President); Student Council Convention Delegate 9, 10; Student 
Council Election Committee 12; Latin Club 9; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; 
Yearbook 10, 11 (Editor), 12 (Editor); Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12 
(President); YMCA Model UN 9, 10, 11 (GA Vice President), 12 (GA 
President); Student Mentor 11, 12; Student Ambassador 11; Spanish 
Tutor 12; Professional Prognosticators 12. 

William Hunt Garrison 

Lacrosse 9; French Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Civil Liberties Club 

122 Memphis University School 

John Dustin Geer 

Swimming 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; Dean's 
List 10, 12; Latin Club 9; Spanish Club 10, 11; 
MUSe 10; Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA 
Youth Legislature 9, 10, 11; YMCA Model UN 9, 
11 (Outstanding Proposal), 12; Student Tour 
Guide 11; Ultimate Erisbee Club 12 (President). 

Andrew Alexander 


Football Manager 9, 10; Chess Club 11, 12; Gamins Club 10, 11; 
Stage Crew 11, 12; Civic Service 11, 12; Guitar Club 11, 12. 

Marshall Peyton Goldsmith 

Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12; Swimming 11; Track 9, 10; 
Basketball 9; Latin I Award S; Latin Honor Society 9, 
10, 11; Sewanee Award for Excellence 11; Mu Alpha 
Theta 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Honor 
Council 9, 10, 11, 12 (President); Latin Club 9, 10, 11; 
Yearbook 11 (Section Editor), 12 (Staff); Government 
Club 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Youth Legislature 9, 10, 11, 12; 
YMCA Model UN 10; Student Mentor 11; Student Tour 
Guide 10, 11, 12; Student Ambassador 11. 

The Owl 


Charles Marvin Gordon, Ji 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 11 (Spirit 
Award), 12; Track 11, 12; Dean's List 9, 10, 11, 
12; TMTA ll;Civic Service 9, 10, 11 (Grade 
Executive), 12; Newspaper 11, 12 (Business 
Manager); Student Tour Guide 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Sean Embry Gould 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11; Baseball 9, 10;Club 
Sandwich 10, 11; Spanish Club 9, 10;OwTs Hooters 9, 10, 
11, 12; FCA 9, 10, 11, 12; Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 
11, 12. 


Jeff William Grimm 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10; Wrestling 9; 
National Merit Letter of Commendation 12; Spanish 
Club 9; FCA 9, 10, 11, 12; MUS Bible Study 9, 10, 11, 
12; Professional Prognosticators 12. 

124 Memphis University School 

Jonathan Houston Hagewood 

Wrestling 9; Spanish Club 9, 10; Government Club 9, 
10, 12; Grease 9; You Cant Take It With You (Set 
Crew) 10; Evita 10; Something's Afoot 11; Saturday 
Night 11; Arsenic and Old Lace (Set Crew) ll;One 
Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 12; Once Upon a 
Mattress 12; Harvey (Director) 12; Beg-to-Differ 11, 12; 
Barbershop Quartet 11, 12; Professional 
Prognosticators 9, 10, 11. 

Andrew R. Hanover 

Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Council 12 (Secretary) ;Civic 
Service 11, 12 (V ice-Chairman); National Honor Society 11, 12; 
Student Mentor 11, 12; Student Ambassador 11, 12; Red and Blue 
Convention Delegate 9;Civil Liberties Club 12; Professional 
Prognosticators 12. 

John Wilson Harkess 

Swimming 11, 12 (Captain); Lacrosse 9, 10; Yell Leading 11, 12;Cross- 
Country Manager 9; Student Council 10, 11, 12 (President); Govern- 
ment Club 9, 10, 11 (Executive), 12 (Vice-President); Model UN 9, 
10, 11, 12 (Vice-President); Youth Legislature 9, 10, 11 (Assistant 
Clerk), 12 (Chief Clerk); Yearbook 11, 12 (Associate Editor); Newspa- 
per 12 (Social Editor) ;Civil Liberties Club 12; UVA Jefferson Book 
Award 11; Randall Ash Perkins Memorial Scholarship 11; National 
Honor Society 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; Quill And Scroll Society 
11, 12; National History Honor Society 12; Student Mentor 11, 12; 
Student Ambassador 11; National Merit Semifinalist 12; AP Scholar 12. 

The Owl 


Faris Faysal Haykal 

Wrestling 9, 10; Newspaper 9, 10, 11 (Copy-Editor); 12 (Co-Editor-in- 
Chief); YMCA Model UN 9, 10, 11, 12; YMCA Youth Legislature 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Government Club Senior Vice President 12; Civic Service Executive 9, 10, 11, 
12 (Vice-Chairman); Yale Book Award 11; French I Award 9; French II 
Award 10; French Club 9, 10, 11, 12 (Co-President); National French Honor 
Society 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Cum laude Society 11, 12; AP 
Scholar With Distinction 11; Yearbook 10,11 (Section Editor); National 
History Honor Society 11, 12; Bridge Builders 11, 12; Dean's Scholar 9, 11; Mu 
Alpha Fheta 11, 12 (Vice President); Quill and Scroll 11, 12; Rhodes Model 
UN 11; National Merit Semifinalist 12. 

Nathan Greer Haynes 

Track 10, 11, 12, Yearbook 9, 10, 11, 12; Newspaper 11, 12; Spanish 
Club 9, 10; You Can't Take It With You (sound crew) 11; 
Something's Afoot (sound crew) 10; Arsenic and Old Lace 
(sound crew) 10; Great Expectations (running crew) 9; Evita 
(sound crew) 10; Saturday Night 11 (Crew);One Elew Over The 
Cuckoo's Nest 12 (Crew); Harvey 12 (Crew); Once Upon A 
Mattress 12 (Crew); Stage Crew 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Lawrence King 

Spanish Club 9, 10; Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 
11; Club Sandwich 10; Philosophes Club 11. 

26 Memphis University School 

Randall Lawrence 
Holcomb, Jr. 

Lacrosse 9, 10; Student Council 9, 10, 11 (Commis- 
sioner of Social Activities), 12; Swim Team 11; Senior 
Class President 12. 

Robert Andrew Howington 

lacrosse 9; Swimming 11; Deans List 9, 12; Set Crew 9, 10, 
11, 12; Sound Crew 12; Yrisbee Club 12 (President). 

J. Wesley 
McKinney Hughes, 


Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Diversity Club 12. 

The Owl 


Alan Farley Humphreys 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestlins 9, 10, 11, 12; Frack 9; Student 
Council 10, 11, 12 (Commissioner of Special Activities); Bible 
Study 9, 10, 11, 12; Youn S Life 9, 10, 11, 12; Club Sandwich Vi 
President 10, 11, 12. 

William Clifton Hunt 

Cross-Country 9, 10, 11, 12; Frack 10, 11, 12; 
Basketball 9; French Club 9, 10, 11; FCA 12; 
Flection Commission 12. 

Jesse Hylton Huseth 

Frack 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 9; Newspaper 12; MUSe 11, 12; Be t 
Fo Differ 9, 10, 11, 12; Guitar Club 11; French Club 9, 10; 
BattleBot Club 12 (Captain). 

128 Memphis University School 


Joel Lee Iglehart 

Summa Cum Laude; Cum Laude Soc. 1 1, 12; Fr. Honor Soc. 1 I, 12; Mu 
Alpha Theta 11, 12; Dean's List 9, 10, 1 1, 12; Dean's Scholar 9; Latin Hon. 
Soc. 8; National History Hon. Soc. 12; A. P. Scholar w/ Honor Awd. 12; 
Nat. Merit Finalist 12; Red & Blue Soc. 12; Lacrosse 9, 10, 1 1, 12 (Co- 
Capt.), Honorable Mention All-State 11, Swimming 11; Student Council; 
Sec.-Treas. 11; Grade Rep. 9; Election Comm. 12; Student Council 
Convention Deleg. 9,10,11,12; Civic Serv. Exec. Comm.— member 10; 
Civic Service Project Chairmanfcanned food drive) 10; French Club 9, 10, 
11 .12; Facing History 12 (Co-pres.) School Tour Guide 9, 10; 
Newspaper: Staff 1 1, Sports Ed. 12; Yearbook: Section/Copv Ed. 12; Staff 
9,10,11; Bridge Builders 11, 12. 

David Alan Jacobson 

Football 9; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Professional 
Prosnosticators 9, 10, 11, 12; Pick the Winners 9, 10; 
Owls Hooters 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Club Sandwich 
9, 10; Bible Study 12; Faculty Honor Roll 12; Dean's List 

Ribhu Tushar Jha 

MUSe 10, 12; Newspaper 9, 10, 11, 12; Diversity Club 12 
(Vice-President); Civic Service 9, 10, 12; Government 
Club 11, 12; Model UN 11; Youth Legislature 11, 12; Euro- 
pean Futbol Club 12. 

The 0\v 


Shahzad Mohammed Khai 

Newspaper 12 (Columnist); Yearbook 11 (Section 
Editor); Latin Club 9, 10, 11; Government Club 9, 
10, 11, 12; Civic Service Club 9, 10, 11, 12 (Vice- 
Chairman); Diversity Club 12; Civil Liberties 
Club 12; Reading Bridge 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 
12; National Latin Honor Society 10, 11. 

James Carter Landis 

Spanish Club 10; Red and Blue 
Convention 9, 11; Homecoming Escort 11, 
12; Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11; 
Club Sandwich 10, 11. 

William Alexander Lawhon 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 11; Professional Prognostica- 
tors 9, 10, 11, 12; Pick The Winners 9; Club Sandwich 10, 
11; FCA 11, 12;Owl's Hooters 10, 11, 12; Civic Service Camp 
Counselor 9, 10, 11; Spanish Club 9, 10. 

130 Memphis University School 

William Charles Lawson 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestlin S 9; Lacrosse 10, 
12; Government Club 10, 11, 12; Civic Service 
Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Fellowship 
of Christian Athletes 9, 10, 11, 12; Vin Diesel 
Society of the Divine Right 12; Bridge Builders 11, 
12; Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Philip Austin Lewis 

Lacrosse 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 9; Deans List 9, 10, 11; Spanish 
Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Yearbook 9, 10, 11; Newspaper 9, 10, 11, 12 
(Sports Editor); Civic Service Executive 9, 10, 11, 12 (Senior 
Executive); Bridge Builder 11, 12; Civil Liberties Union 12; Diver- 
sity Club 12; Habitat for Humanity 11, 12; Model United Nations 9, 
10, 11; Youth Legislature 10. 

Blake Martin Lindsay 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12(Cap- 
tain); Baseball 11, 12; Student Council 9; Student 
Ambassador 12; Student Mentor 11, 12; Election 
Commission 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; 
Cum Laude Society 11, 12. 

The Ow 

A. Barlow Treadwell 
Mann, Jr. 

Wrestling 9, 10; Student Mentor 12; Yearbook 10, 11, 12; 
Newspaper 10, 11, 12 (Features Editor); Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; 
Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12 (Vice President); Model United 
Nations 9, 11, 12 (Vice President; Youth Legislature 10, 11, 12; 
Yell Leader 11; Lee Murray Spirit Award 11. 

Dylan Clark Mayficld 

Cross Country 9, 10; Wrestling 9, 10 (Manager); Deans List 9, 10, 11, 
12; Faculty Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12; French Club 9, 10, 11, 12; National 
French Honor Society 11, 12; Government Club 10, 11, 12; Model United 
Nations 10, 11, 12; Youth Legislature 10, 11, 12. 

Michael Mackenzie 

Soccer 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Football 10, 11; Election 
Commission 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes 12. 

132 Memphis University School 

James Franklin McKenzie 

Lacrosse 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; French Club 9, 10, 
11, 12; Yearbook 11; Newspaper 11, 12; Habitat For Humanity 9, 11; 
Professional Prosnosticators 9, 10, 11, 12; Club Sandwich 10; 
Break Dancing Club 11. 

George Hite McLean, III 

Football 9-12; Tennis 9; Track 9; Wrestling 9, 10; 
Swimming 12; Chess 12; Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes 9-12; French 9-11; Professional 
Prognosticators 9-12; Dean's List 12, Studio Band 12; 
Election Committee 12; Civic Service Exec. Committee 
Member 9; Bridge Builders 11,12; March of Dimes 10, 
Mock Trial 9; Newspaper: Staff 11,12. 

Leland Monte McNabb, Jr. 

Lacrosse 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Wrestling 9; Mu Alpha Theta 
10, 11, 12 (President); Newspaper 11, 12 (Associate Editor); 
Yearbook 11, 12 (Associate Editor); Cum Laude Society 11, 12; 
National History Honor Society 11, 12; National Freeh Honor 
Society 11, 12; Student Ambassador 11, 12; National Merit 
Finalist 12; Student Mentor 11, 12; Government Club 9, 10, 11, 
12; French Club 9, 10 ,11 ,12 (Co-President); Latin II Award 9; 
French Award 9, 10, 11, American History Award 11; Biology 
Award 11. 

The Owl 

John Keith Mincrvini 

French Club 10, 11, 12 (Vice President); Newspaper 9, 10, 11 
(Amusements Editor), 12 (Co-Editor in Chief); MUSe, 9, 10, 11 
(Associate Editor), 12; Cum Laude Society 11, 12; History Honor 
Society 11, 12; National French Honor Society 11, 12; National 
Honor Society 11, 12; Mu Alpha Fheta 11, 12; Mock Trial 10, 11, 12 
(Team Captain); Student Spirit Video Narrator 12; National Merit 
Semifinalist 12; Great Expectations 9; Grease 9; Evita 10; You Ca 
Take it With You 10; Arsenic and Old Lace 11; Something's Afcx 
//; Saturday Night //; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 12; One* 
Upon a Mattress 12; Beg to Differ 9, 10, 11, 12; Barbershop Quartc 
11, 12. 

Allen Ryves Moore 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Student 
Mentor 12; Civic Service 10 (Executive); Young Fife 9, 10, 
11, 12; Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12; Club Sand- 
wich 9, 10, 11; MUS Bible Study 9, 10, 11, 12; National Honor 
Society 11, 12; Al Wright Freshman Mathematics Award 10. 

Michael Paul Morisy 

Football 9, 10, 12; Wrestling 10; MUSe 9, 10, 11, 
12 (Editor-in-Chief); Government Club 10; 
Amnesty International 9; Newspaper 11, 12; 
French Club 9, 10 ,11. 

134 Memphis University School 

Blake Edward 

Wrestling 9, 10; Swimming 11; Spanish Club 10, 11; 
French Club 9; Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Profes- 
sional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Michael Norwood 


Golf 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Faculty Honor Roll 11, 12; 
Professional Prosnosticators 10, 11, 12; Club Sandwich 10. 

Edward F. Ncnon, Jr. 

Bowling Club 11; Civic Service Club 9,10, 11, 12 (Senior 
Project Steering Committee); Civic Service Camp 
Counsleor 9,10; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 10, 11, 
12; Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Movie Club 9; 
National Merit letter of Commendation 12; Newspaper 11, 
12; Philosophes Club 9, 10, 11; Rugby Club 10; Sport 
Shooting Club 10;Spanish Club 9, 10; Wrestling 9, 10 

The Ow 


Michael Watkins Norman 

Track 9, 10, 11; Cross Country 10, 11; Spanish Club 9; Latin 
Club 9; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; Cum Laude Society 11, 12; 
National Spanish Honor Society 11; Dean's List 9, 10, 11; 
TEAMs 11, 12; TMTA 9, 10, 11, 12; Model United Nations 9, 10, 
11, 12; Youth Legislature 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Douglas Lee Owings 

Soccer 9, 10; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Civic Service Club 9, 10, 11, 
12; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 9, 10, 11, 12; Bible Study 9, 
10, 11, 12; Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12 (Treasurer); 
Club Sandwich 9, 10, 11. 

Alexander Yun-Chung Pa 

Cross Country 9,10; Philosophes 9-11; Spanish 9,10; 
Astronomy Club 9; Ultimate Frisbee Club 9, 10; 
Diversity Club 12; YMCA Youth Leg. 10,11; YMCA 
Model U.N. 9-11; School tour Guide 12; Commissioner 
of Student Services 12. 

136 Memphis University School 

Stephen Davis Parr 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11 (Captain), 12 (Cap- 
tain); Red and Blue Convention Delegate 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12; Club Sandwich 10, 
11; FCA 10, 11, 12; Owl's Hooters 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 

John Phillips, V 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Frack 9, 10, 11; 
Student Council Representative 9; Student Ambassador 12; 
Student Four Guide 9, 10; Red and Blue Convention 9, 10; 
Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Fellowship of Christian Atheletes 9, 
10, 11, 12; Proffessional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Jeffrey Wellford 

Wrestling 9, 10; Frack Manager 11; Student Mentor 12; 
MUSe Staff 12; Great Expectations 9; You Can't Take It 
With You 10; Arsenic and Old Lace 11; Saturday Night 11; 
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 12; Once Upon A 
Mattress 12; Civic Service Day Camp 10; French Club 10, 
11, 12; Model United Nations 11; Youth Fegislature 10; 
Guitar Club 11. 

The Owl 



Conor Buckley Quinn 

Beyond the Fringe S; Great Expectations 9, You Cant 
Take it With You 10, Rumors 10, Arsenic and Old 
Lace 11, Saturday Night 11, One Flew Over the 
Cuckoo's Nest 12, Harvey (Director) 12, Once Upon a 
Mattress 12; Government Club 9, 10, 11 (Junior 
Executive), 12 (Senior Executive); Yearbook 9 
(Underclassmen Editor), 10 (Underclassmen Editor), 
11 (Academics Editor) ,12 (Editor-in-Chief); Newspa- 
per 10, 11 (Asst. Viewpoints Editor), 12 (Columnist); 
Other Stuff 9,10, 11, 12. 

Noah Blake Randall 

Wrestling 9, 10, 11; Baseball 9, 10; Football 9; 
Student Tutor 12; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Mauricio Javier Rapalo 

Soccer 9; Wrestling 12; Dean's List 9, 10, 11, 
12; Theology Club 11, 12 (Vice-President); 
Boys and Girls Club Tutor 11, 12. 

138 Memphis University School 

Vijay Babu Rayudu 

Tennis 10, 11; Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Yearbook 9, 10, 11 (Faculty Editor), 12 
(Layout Editor); Newspaper 12 (Associate 
Editor); Government Club 9, 10, 11, 12 
(Senior Executive); Model United Nations 
9, 10, 11, 12 (Security Council President); 
Rhodes Model United Nations 9, 11; Youth 
Legislature 9, 10, 11. 

Collins Roll 

Baseball 9; Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 
11, 12; Red and Blue Convention 11; Civic Service 
Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Pick the 
Winners 9; Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Club Sandwich 10, 11, 12. 

Michael Gray Sain 

Football 9, 10, 11; Lacrosse 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Spanish Club 9, 10; Civic Service Club 9, 
10, 11, 12; Government Club 9, 10. 

The Owl 


Hunter Bradley Shell 

Football Manager 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 9, 10, 11; 
Knowledge Quest 9. 

Michael Dudley Schaefer 

Football 9-12; Lacrosse 9; Track 11, 12; Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes 9-12; Pick the Winners 9; 
Professional Prognosticators 9-12; Spanish 9,10; 
Bowling Club 11, 12; Paintball Club 11, 12; Civic 
Service 9-12 

Bernard Austin Sherrod 

Swimming 11, 12; Wrestling 9; Stage Crew 9, 10; Spanish Club 
10, 11, 12; Theology Club 11, 12 (President); Frisbee Golf Club 1. 
Bridge Builders 11, 12; Church Tutoring 10, 11, 12; Hands On 
Memphis 11, 12; MUS Summer Day Camp 11, 12; Boys And Girls 
Club Tutoring 11, 12. 

140 Memphis University School 

Andrew Hewitt Smith 

Track 10, 11, 12; Civic Service Club 11, 12; Government 
Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Mock Trial 10, 12; Newspaper 11, 12; 
Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Diversity Club 12; Civil Liberties 
Club 12. 

Craig Hcppel Snecd 

Cross Country 9; Lacrosse 9,10; Student Council 
Represenatative 12; Student Ambassador 12; Student 
Mentor 12; National Spanish Honor Society 11, 12; Spanish 
Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Fellowship of Christian Atheletes 9, 10, 
11, 12. 

Robert Galloway Snowden 

Lacrosse 7, S; Soccer 9; Owl's Hoot 10, 11; Yearbook 
11, 12; Student Council Commissioner of Student 
Welfare 12; PE 10, 11; Astronomy Club 9; La Trattoria 
12; Spanish Club 9, 10. 


The Owl 


Holbrook Hill Stoecklein 

Baseball 10, 11, 12; Student Ambassador 11, 12; Student 
Mentor 12; Election Commission 12; Newspaper 11, 12; Year- 
book 11, 12 (Copy Editor); French Club 9, 10, 11, 12 (Co- 
President); Civic Service Club 10, 11, 12; National French 
Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Water polo 9. 

Henry Blake Talbot 

Lacrosse 9, 12; Basketball 9, 12; Civic 
Service Club 9, 12. 

Steven Laird Tuttle 

Youth Lesislature 10, 11; MUSe 10. 

142 Memphis University School 

Steven James Vogel 

Cross Country 9; Soccer 9, 10; Spanish Club 9, 
10, 11; Government Club 10, 11, 12; Model 
United Nations 12; Youth Legislature 10, 11, 12; 
Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Bradford Douglas 

Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11 
(Best of Preps), 12; Government Club 10, 11, 12; 
Diversity Club 12; Student Ambassador 12; 
Student Mentor 12; Election Commission 12; 
Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Model United Nations 
10; Youth Legislature 10, 11, 12; Peacejam 11; 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes 12. 

David Michael Warren 

Cross Country 9; Soccer 9, 10; Recreational Soccer 11, 12; 
Spanish Club 9, 10, 11; Government Club 10, 11, 12; Model 
United Nations 12; Youth Legislature 10, 11, 12; Professional 
Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12. 

The Owl 



Scott Spencer Williams 

Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 9, 10, 11; 
Dutch Treat 9, 10; Track 9, 10; Civic Service 

Joshua Clinton Williamso 

Baseball 9, 10; Swimming 11; Spanish Club 9, 10; Diversity Club 
12; Professional Prognosticators 9, 10, 11, 12; Club Sandwich 11. 

Robert Tyler Wohrman 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12 (Co-Captain); Baseball 9; Track 10, 11; 
Wrestling 9, 10; Dean's List 9, 10, 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 
12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Stu- 
dent Mentor 12; Red and Blue Convention 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Student Council Representative 9; Student Council Commis- 
sioner of Social Events 12; Professional Prognosticators 12. 

144 Memphis University School 

Edward Yang 

Newspaper 11, 12; Yearbook 11, 12; MUSe 11, 12. 

The Owl 


Brandon Arrindell 
Tyler Beard 

Tom Billings 
Rich Bollinger 
Brent Boswell 

Trey Bowden 

William Brandon 

Sam Buckner 

Timothy Chen 

Austin Chu 

Winfield Clifford 

Chris Cole 

John Collier 

Gordon Conaway 

. \ 

146 Memphis University School 


Jonathan Cooper 
Chris Covellis 
Sean Curran 
Spencer Dailey 

Andrew Dillon 
Chad Donahue 

Elliot Embry 
Scott Fersuson 

Tyler Fisher 
Justin Foreman 

Christian Freeman 
Matt Ganier 
Alex Gates 
Stuart Gillespie 

The Owl 



Jason Goldstein 

Gatlin Hardin 

Mikell Hazelhurst 

Evan Herrera 

Andrew Hoff 

Kevin Hollinger 
Turner Holm 
Andrew Hooser 
Lee Hoyle 

Ben Jaqua 
Todd Jean-Pierre 
Peter Jones 

Harris Jordan 
Adam Kaplan 



148 Memphis University School 

Drew McCarty 

Cash McCracken 

John Conrad McCrary 

John McGreger 

Paul Moinester 

Tony Montedonico 

Marcus Moss 

Lyle Muller 

The Owl 



Cotter Norris 
Eddie Owen 

Will Owens 

Palmer Philips 

Tyler Pierce 

Doug Pleiman 
Will Presley 

Austin Rainey 
Phillip Reed 

Christian Reeser 

Joseph Robinson 

Robert Rogers 

Morgan Rose 

Matt Rutherford 

Brian Shoptaw 


AM AM £ 

150 Memphis University School 




W» 5?|r 


Kyle Slatery 
Brad Spicer 
Will Stubblefield 

Pierce Sullivan 
Scott Tashie 
Edward Taylor 

Neilson Taylor 
Clayton Thomas 
Nicholas Vincent 

Kyle Vogel 
Scott Warren 
Noah Wells 

Stephen Weston 
Blake Weidman 
Trip Wills 

The Owl 




Sloan Abernathy 

Kane Alber 

Paul Anderson 1 

Charles Askew 

Rob Baird 

Jonathan Barnes 1 
Ben Bleustein S ; 
Jason Bond 
Justin Byrd 

Clayton Capstick 

Alex Chinn 1 
Clint Cowan I 
Jordan Crawford I 
Cody Curtis 
Peter Dale 

John Daniel 

David Delugach 

Preston Dennis 

Hays Doan 

Weller Drennon 

152 Memphis University School 

Joey Friend 
Wills Gardner 
Dan Gibson 
Robert Goff 

Warren Grimm 
Stuart Groves 
Alex Guyton 
Micheal Haas 

The Owl 

Mohamed Hajj 

Josh Hall 

John Hammons 

Rob Heflin 

Matt Henning 

Will Hickman 

Russ Hinson 

Cooper Hopkins 

Tommy Horton 

Jon-Michael Jones 
Sashank Karri 

Benjamin Katz 
Ronny Khuri 
Ethan Knight 
Bo Ladyman 

John David Lawhorn 

Chris Levy 

Ches Linebarier 

Jonathan Lunati 

Andrew Manugian 

154 Memphis University School 

Aaron Markowitz 
Cody Mayer 
Harry Mayfield 
Michael McCulloch 

Scott McCleod 
Wilson McManus 
Will McQuiston 
Worth Morgan 

Mason Mosby 
Kyle Mullen 
Stephen Nease 
Randall Noel 

Andrew Olinger 
Michael O'Mell 
McLean Palmer 
Rob Park 

Jayshal Patel 
Mili Patel 
Brent Philips 
Walker Pritchard 

The Owl 



Marc Purnell 

Jimbo Rainer 

Nelson Rainey 

Brad Rentrop 

Andrew Robinson 

Jess Robinson 

Sam Robinson 

Kyle Rosenberg 

Warner Russell 

Tom Sampson 

Sam Sawyer 

Mark Scales 

Mike Schaeffer 
Parth Sheth 
Matt Sights 

Trevor Skelley 

Wes Spiro 

Warren Stafford 

Tommy Stephenson 

William Stout 

Aaron Struminger 

156 Memphis University School 

John Summers 
Hunter Swain 
Ben Tacker 

John Taylor 
Jon-Michael Taylor 
Zach Thomason 
Rayner Turley 

Kevin Wang 
Jacob Weinstein 
Jimbo Welch 
Richard White 

Daniel Williams 
Eric Wilson 
Jonathan Wolf 
Hank Wynn 

J. P. Zdancewicz 

The Owl 




Hunter Adams 

Duncan Adrian 

James Aiken 

Andrew Alexander 

Benjamin Ashley 

Dylan Baker 

John Barton 

Doug Boyer 

Beau Britton 

Andrew Cabiago 

Collier Calandruccio 

Cage Carruthers 

Jim Carter 

Tom Chiu 

John Ciocca 

Bowers Clement 

Sam Coates 

Shea Conaway 

Kevin Cook 

Whit Cox 

Charlie Crawford 

158 Memphis University School 


No Photo 

Beau Creson 
Jeffrey Crowton 
Jonathan Daven 
Tyler Davis 

David Deaderick 

Phillip DeBardeleben 
Adrian Doggrell 
Matthew Doss 
Matt Dowling 
Johnny Duke 

^^ |P% 


Bryan Eder 
Charlie Erb 
Brian Evans 
Matt Farmer 
Bryan Fox 

4 ill Afel* 



Hugh Francis 
Mason George 
Zach Glover 
Andrew Gordon 
Oliver Green 

The Owl 



Daniel Harriman 

Thomas Harvell 

Zane Haykal 

Chad Hazlehurst 

Spencer Heflin 

Bryce Hendry 

John Hensley 

Joe Hooker 

Bobby Hudson 

Wesley Huggins 

William Jameson 

Frank Jemison 


Matt Johnson 

Greg Jones 

Bobby Kagenski 

Blake Karban 

Henry Kay 

Patrick Kimberlin 

Zachary Kisber 

Chris Klesges 

m « 


1 60 Memphis University School 

John Klinke 
Walter Klyce 
Daniel Lansky 

Scott Lillard 
Parker Long 
Jamie Macaulay 
Jesse Mahautmur 
Bennett Mallory 

Donnie Malmo 

Jay Martin 

Barrett Walker Matthews 

Zach Matthews 

Taylor Maury 

Ward McClellan 
Garrott McClintock 
Donald McClure 
David Minervini 
Mike Montesi 

William Montgomery 
Paul Morrow 
Russell Nenon 


The Owl 



Neal Newbill 

David Niccoll 

Ian Noble 

Jason Northington 

Devin Owens 

Keith Parsons 

Rob Peeler 

Hayden Pendergrass 

Will Pickens 

Max Prokell 

Alex Rainer 

Gabriel Rapalo 

Eric Reid 

Cameron Ridgway 

Zack Rutland 

Will Sandlin 

Grayson Sharpe 

David Shochat 

Alvin Sidhu 

Nicholas Skefos 

162 Memphis University School 

Will Thornton 
Andras Tigyi 
Danny Travis 
Gerald Wade 
Robert Wallce 

Alex Snyder 
Bill Steele 
Barrett Steinberg 
Derek Steiner 
Christopher Thomas 

Logan Welch 
Reid Wesson 
David Wilcox 
Christopher Williamson 
Dex Witte 

Brian Wurzburg 
Paul Yacoubian 
Peter Zanca 
Jesse Zellner 
Paul Zettler 

The Owl 



Alex Addington 
Will Aldridge 

Drew Alston 

Louis Amagliani 

Jon Anderson 

Tyler Anthony 

West Askew 

Preston Battle 

Bill Bell 

Jim Benton 

Richard Blount 

Adam Bomar 

Stephen Bowie 

Daniel Brown 

Brandon Byrd 

Alex Carter 



i UUI A M*M 

1 64 Memphis University School 


Brian Casey 
Wilson Castleman 
John Catmur 
Elliott Cole 
Stephen Counce 

Blake Cowan 
Khang Dang 

Jason Daniel 
Mike DeBardeleben 

Jay Edwards 
Anton Fisher 


f" l| 

MM Ali fc 

Ryan Foley 
Derek Fox 
Bret Freebing 

Adam Fussell 
Josh Geraldson 

The 0\\ 1 


Louis Ghawji 
Danny Gholson 

Graham Gillespie 

John Goldsmith 

Ben Goldstein 

Scott Guinn 

Drew Haight 

Drew Hammond 

William Harris 

Wyatt Harris 

Josh Henke 

Philip Heppel 

Neale Hicks 

Reid Higginbotham 

Tyler Horn 

Harrison Hunt 


I Mil 


S V 

166 Memphis University School 

James Jefferson 
Andrew Jehl 
Luke Jensen 
Tyler Johnson 

Collin Kelley 
Paul Kennedy 
Andy Kim 

Jim Kyle 
William Lang 
Neely Mallory 

Dushyant Mann 
Bruce Matthews 
Philip May 

Mac McCormack 
Sean McDoonald 
Thomas Mclntire 
Naveed Mirza 

The Owl 


Chase Moore 
Lee Moore 

David Morelli 

Chris Mullins 

Kevin Owen 

Michael Park 

Ed Porter 

Julian Prewitt 

Hams Quinn, Jr. 

Will Reeser 

John Reinhardt 

Connor Robinson 

Max Rose 

Erin Sarinoglu 

Zach Scott 

Tim Scruggs 

William Shelton 

Kimani Shotwell 

Daniel Smith 

Jordan Smith 




J9I Gk ^r^^^^^fc 


168 Memphis University School 

Ben Stallworth 
John Stokes 
Miles Tamboli 
Steven Thompson 

Byron Tyler 
Haynes Vaughn 
Artem Volosnikov 
Ben Waller 

William Ware 
Jeffrey W T ebb 
Jeffrey Wright 
Jonathan Yeune 

The Owl 



Austin Alexander 

Andrew Amos 

Morgan Arant 

Ben Arnold 

Hudson Atkins 

Sayle Atkinson 

Xander Batey 

Austin Beckford 

Paul Billings 

Christopher Bloodworth 

Alan Blount 

Conor Bolich 

Patrick Boyer 

Geoff Burlew 

Roger Chu 

Christopher Coles 

170 Memphis University School 



Max Dynerman 
Hunter Edens 
Scott Edwards 

Matthew Edwards 
Daniel Ernst 

Andrew Flowers 
Collin Fountain 
Kent Francis 

Daren Freebing 
Matt Gambrell 
Taylor Garrett 
Watson George 

The Owl 

Sam Goldstein 

Nelson Graham 

Hunter Hagewood 

Connell Hall 

Travis Hamm 

Ben Hanks 

David Harriman 

Grant Heflin 

Jack Heflin 
Robert Hoehn 

Brent Hooks 
Barrett Huggins 

Warner Johnson 

Graham Jones 

Wesley Jones 

Parker Joyner 

Nathaniel Kastan 



72 Memphis University School 

John Kim 
D.J. Kirsch 
Teddy Klug 

John Kornegay 
Kyle Lucas 
Kirk Malmo 

Stephen Maroda 
Tyler Massey 
Will Mays 
Bill McCann 
Scott McClintock 

Jake McCrary 
Mark McLeod 
Andrew Millen 
Ross Montague 
1 Vance Montgomery 

The Owl 


Nick Nash 

Conner Pera 

Rob Pitts 

Christopher Poore 

Will Pryor 

Alex Quinn 

Nick Ray 

Corey Scheinblum 

Eric Sheppard 

Samir Sheth 

Kimari Shotwell 

William Shows 

Jay Snyder 

Michael Sousoulas 

Michael Stein 

Patrick Stewart 

74 Memphis University School 

Peter Travis 
Zach Turner 
Jonathan Tutor 

Joshua Vieira 
Mark Vives 
Cade Wallace 
Cory Weldon 

Kyle Wherry 
Houston Wickham 
Drew Wiygul 
Malcolm Wood 

Jackson Woodal 
Blair Wright 
Luke Wynn 
Robbie Zettler 

The Ow 


Abernathy, Sloan 47, 152 
Adams, Hunter 25,67, 158 
Adams, Trey 65, 112 
Adams, William 

9,68,69,74,77,78,79, 112 
Addington, Alex 164 
Adrian, Duncan 158 
Aiken, James 158 
Alber, Kane 33, 152 
Aldridge, Will 164 
Alexander, Andrew 158 
Alexander, Austin 170 
Alexander, Ben 112 
Alexander, Geer 47,48, 113 
Allen, Katherine 54 
Allendorfer, Ted 113 
Allison, Leah 104 
Alston, Bobby 35, 54, 103 
Alston, Drew 164 
Amagliani, Louis 164 
Amos, Andrew 1 70 
Amsler, Guy 71, 84, 104 
Anderson, Jon 164 
Anderson, Paul 152 
Anthony, Tyler 1 64 
Arant, Morgan 1 70 
Arnold, Ben 170 

Arrindell, Brandon 68, 69, 75, 146 

Ashley, Benjamin 158 

Askew, Charles 79, 152 

Askew, Lin 97, 103 

Askew, West 164 

Atkins, Hudson 170 

Atkinson, Eli 113 

Atkinson, Sayle 

Ayres, Chloe 54 


Baer, Emily 104 
Baer, Rebecca 

12, 13 
Baird, Rob 152 
Baker, Bonnie 104 
Baker, Dylan 158 
Bakke, Matt 104 
Balton, Carie 

Balton, Terry 190 
Barnes, Dr. Paula 

Barnes, Jonathan 

Barton, John 158 
Batey, Xander 170 
Battle, Preston 164 

Baum, Ryan 25,43,45, 114 

Beard, Tyler 146 

Beck. Chris 114 

Beck, Vincent 104 

Beckford, Austin 170 

Beckford, Morgan 15 

Bell, Bill 164 

Bennett, Ernie 35 

Benton, Jim 164 

Berman, Eric 85,92, 104 

Billings, Paul 170 

Billings, Tom 39, 146 

Blackett, Philip 44, 71, 75, 79, ll| 

Blankenship, Preston 35, 115 

Bleustein, Ben 65,79, 152 

Bloodworth, Christopher 67, 170 

Blount, Alan 51, 170 

Blount, Richard 164 

Boelte, Robert 103 

Bohannon, Sheila 104 

Bolich, Conor 170 

Bollinger, Rich 21,83, 146 

Bomar, Adam 164 

Bond, Jason 152 

Boswell, Brent 75, 95, 146 

Bowden, Trey 17,146 

Bowie, Stephen 164 

Bowman, Peter 104 

Boyer, Doug 158 

Memphis University School 

H Boyer, Patrick 51, 170 
Brafford, Owen 65, 115 
Branan, Whitney 54, 55 
Brandon, William 17, 65, 95, 146 
Braswell, Courtney 12, 13 
Braun, Phillip 79, 115 
[Britton, Beau 158 
Broer, Richard 74, 102 
Brown, Daniel 40, 164 
jBrown, Tom 104 
Bryant, Trae 33, 116 
Buchignani, Mary Beth 92 
Buckner, Sam 86, 146 
Bunch, Paul 75, 116 
Burhop, Anna 77 
Burke, Maria 99, 104 
Burlew, Geoff 170 
purr, James 105 
Burr, Molly 94, 105 
Byrd, Brandon 164 
Byrd, Justin 152 
Byrd, Lauren 54 

Cabiago, Andrew 158 
Calandruccio, Collier 158 
Capstick, Clayton 152 
Carlisle, Chase 8, 25, 116 
Carpenter, Austin 65, 75, 117 
Carruthers, Cage 158 
Carlson, Steven 117 
Carson, Steed 111, 117 
Carter, Alex 164 
Carter, Jim 158 
Casey, Brian 165 
Casey, Camille 54 
Castleman, Wilson 165 

Catmur, John 1 65 

Chan, Dara 42, 75, 95, 118 

Chapman, Clay 25, 118 

Chen, Mark 118 

Chen, Timothy 65, 75, 146, 190 

Chinn,Alex 14, 152, 190 

Chiu,Tom 158 

Chu, Austin 75,85,87, 146 

Chu, Roger 170 

Ciocca, John 158 

Clement, Bowers 158 

Clenin, Derek 25, 32, 34, 42, 43 

44, 119 
Clifford, Winfield 146 
Clifft, Darin 105 
Coates, Sam 158 
Cohen, Matt 47, 119 
Cole, Chris 146 
Cole, Elliott 165 
Coles, Christopher 

Collier, John 

65, 146 
Conaway, Gordon 

48, 67, 70, 146 
Conaway, Shea 

Cook, Kevin 158 
Cooper, Jonathan 

Counce, Stephen 

Covellis, Chris 

Cowan, Blake 165 

Cowan, Clint 63,79, 152, 190 
Cox, Whit 158 
Crawford, Charlie 158 
Crawford, Jordan 152 
Creson, Beau 159 
Crippen, Barbara 105 
Crosby, Elizabeth 77,96, 105 
Cross, Michael 171 
Crowton, Jeffrey 159 
Curran, Sean 75, 147 
Curtis, Cody 85,96, 152 


Dailey, Spencer 16,147 

Dale, Peter 152 

Dalle, Reginald 95, 105 

Dang, Anthony 171 

Dang, Khang 1 65 

Daniel, Jason 165 

Daniel, John 152 

Daniel, Victoria 86, 1 05 

Davenport, Jonathan 159 

Davis, Tyler 159 

Deaderick, David 159 

DeBardeleben, Alex 21, 36, 37, 119 

DeBardeleben, Miles 40, 165 

DeBardeleben, Julia 98, 99 

DeBardeleben, Phillip 159 

Del Conte, Adam 12 

Delugach, David 152 

Dement, Perry 103 

Dennis, Preston 152 

Dent, Elliott 89, 105 

Dilawari, Asad 171 

Dillon, Andrew 147 

Doan, Hays 47, 152 

Doggrell, Adrian 79, 159 

The Owl 

Doggrell, Dana 11, 120 
Donahue, Chad 65, 147 
Doss, Matthew 159 
Dowling, Matt 39, 159 
Drennon, Weller 67, 152 
Drinan, Jamie 48,75,91, 120 
Dudas, Andrew 153 
Dudas, Anne Marie 77 
Duff, Wayne 58, 105 
Duke, Johnny 159 
Dunavant, Forrest 153 
Durke, Michael 171 
Dynerman, Max 91, 171 


Eason, Michael 8, 120 
Easum, Mary Nell 98, 105 
Edens, Hunter 171 
Eder, Bryan 159 
Edwards, George 9, 10, 121 
Edwards, Jay 165 
Edwards, Matthew 171 
Edwards, Price 153, 190 
Edwards, Scott 67, 171 
Efird, Watt 37, 153 
Eikner, Flip 74, 105, 190 
Ellis, Richard 94, 105 
Embry, Elliot 147 
Erb, Charlie 159 
Ernst, Daniel 171 
Evans, Brian 159 
Evensky, Josh 153 

178 Memphis University School 

Faber, Carey 25, 54 
Farmer, Claire 1 05 
Farmer, Ken 25,73, 121 
Farmer, Matt 159 
Feder,Noah 153, 190 
Ferebee, David 22, 106 
Ferguson, Scott 147 
Fesmire, Maggie 54 
Fisher, Ashton 165 
Fisher, Taylor 54 
Fisher, Tyler 65, 71,77, 147 
Fleming, Drew 153 

Flinn, Phillip 67, 153 
Flowers, Andrew 171 
Flowers, Michael 121 
Flowers, Trey 122 
Foley, Ryan 165 
Foley, Stephanie 54 
Fong, Kyle 97, 153 
Fong, Michael 65, 153, 190 
Foreman, Justin 1 47 
Fountain, Collin 171 
Fox, Bryan 159 
Fox, Derek 165 
Francis, Hugh 159 
Francis, Kent 171 
Freebing, Bret 165 
Freebing, Daren 171 
Freebing, Ryan 153 
Freeman, Chris 84, 153 
Freeman, Christian 147 
Friend, Joey 47, 153 
Fussell, Adam 165 


Gambrell, Matt 171 

Ganier, Matt 37, 147 

Gardner, Wills 153 

Garrett, Andy 10, 67, 71, 75, 122 

Garrett, Taylor 171 

Garrison, Will 122 

Gates, Alex 65, 147 

Gates, Nancy 83, 106 

Geer, Dustin 123 

Gehres, Shaun 35, 84, 106 

George, Mason 47, 159 

George, Watson 51, 171 

Geraldson, Josh 165 
Ghawji, Louis 40, 166 
Gholson, Danny 166 
Gibson, Dan 153 
Gillespie. Graham 166 
Gillespie, Stuart 25, 73, 147 
Gilmore, Christen 13 
Glenn, Andrew 123 
Glover, Zach 159 
Goff, Robert 153 
Goldsmith, John 166 
Goldsmith, Marshall 39, 66, 67, 

75, 123 
Goldstein, Ben 166 
Goldstein, Jason 148 
Goldstein, Sam 172 
Goodwin, Laurence 15,17 
Gordon, Andrew 159 
Gordon, Charlie 124 
Gould, Samantha 21 
Gould, Sean 124 
Graham, Nelson 172 
Green, Oliver 159 
Grimm, Jeff 124 
Grimm, Warren 153 
Gross, Jeffrey 106 
Groves, Stuart 153 
Guinn, Scott 166 
Gunn, Michael 103 
Guyton,Alex 153, 190 


Haas, Michael 153 
Hagewood, Houston 

12, 16,78,79,92, 125 
Hagewood, Hunter 172 
Haguewood, Mr. Ellis 24, 102 
Haight, Drew 1 66 
Hajj, Mohamed 97, 154 
Hall, Connell 51, 172 
Hall, Josh 47, 154 
Hamm, Travis 172 
Hammond, Drew 166 
Hammons, John 154 
Hanks, Ben 91, 172 
Hanover, Andrew 

25,42,43,44,67,83, 125 
Hardin, Gatlin 148 
Harkess, John 8, 10, 11, 48, 68, 69, 

73,75, 111, 125, 190 
Harkins, John 84, 106 
Harriman, Daniel 160 
Harriman, David 172 
Harris, Lucy 21, 54 
Harris, William 166 
Harris, Wyatt 166 
Harrison, Thomas 106 
Harvell, Thomas 160 
HaykaLFaris 10,58,61,71,75, 

Haykal, Zane 160 
Haynes, Nathan 25, 126, 190 

Hazelhurst, Mikell 148 
Hazlehurst, Chad 160 
Heflin, Grant 172 
Heflin,Jack 172 
Heflin, Rob 154 
Heflin, Spencer 67. 160 
Henderson, Grace 24. 25 
Hendry. Bryce 160 
Henke, Josh 166 
Henning, Matt 154 
Hensley, John 160 
Heppel. Philip 166 
Hernandez, Jose 106 
Heros, Beba 106 
Herrera. Evan 65. 148 
Hickman. Kenny 1 2 
Hickman. Will 

14. 16.79. 154 
Hicks. Neale 166 
Higginbotham. Reid 1 66 
Hill. Rebekal 17 
Hiltonsmith. John 106 
Hinson. Russ 154 

The Owl 


Hoehn, Robert 172 

Hoff, Andrew 148 

Holcomb, Randall 10, 25, 72, 92, 

110, 127, 190 
Holcomb, Wren 1 26 
Hollinger, Kevin 148 
Holm, Turner 148 
Hooker, Joe 160 
Hooks, Brent 51, 172 
Hooser, Andrew 35, 46, 47, 148 
Hopkins, Cooper 154 
Horn, Tyler 166 
Horton, Tommy 154 
Howington, Andrew 127 
Hoyle, Lee 70, 148 
Hudson, Bobby 36, 37, 160 
Huggins, Barrett 172 
Huggins, Wesley 160 
Hughen, Philip 12 
Hughes, Wesley 10, 127 
Humphreys, Alan 68,91,128 
Hunt, Denise 106 
Hunt, Elizabeth 54 
Hunt, Harrison 166 
Hunt, Will 39, 128 
Hurst, Judy 98, 106 
Huseth, Jesse 65, 79, 128 

Iglehart, Joel 8, 22, 25, 75, 88, 

Inman, Larry 190 

Jacobson, David 129 
Jameson, Cody 12,13 
Jameson, William 160 
Jaqua, Ben 148 
Jean-Pierre, Todd 33, 148 
Jefferson, James 167 
Jehl, Andrew 167 
Jemison, Frank 160 
Jensen, Luke 167 
Jha, Tushar 65, 87, 129 
Johnson, Matt 160 
Johnson, Tyler 167 
Johnson, Warner 172 
Jonakin, Bebe 106 
Jones, Graham 51, 172 
Jones, Greg 160 
Jones, Jon-Michael 154 
Jones, Peter 148 
Jones, Russell 21 
Jones, Wesley 172 
Jordan, Harris 148 
Joyner, Parker 172 


Kagenski, Bobby 160 
Kaplan, Adam 62, 

71,75, 148, 190 
Karban, Blake 160 
Karri, Sashank 154 
Kastan, Ben 149 
Kastan, Nathaniel 172 
Katz, Benjamin 154 
Kay, Henry 160 
Kelley, Collin 167 
Kennedy, Paul 167 
Ketler, Noah 167 
Khan, Shahzad 8, 10, 11, 

25,75, 111, 130 
Khuri, Ronny 154 
Kidd,Matt 13 
Kilzer, Patricia 86, 107 
Kim, Andy 167 
Kim, John 173 
Kimberlin, Patrick 160 
Kirsch, D.J. 173 
Kisber, Zachary 160 
Klesges, Chris 160 

Klinke,John 161 

Klug, Teddy 51, 173 

Klyce, Walter 14, 16, 65, 79, 161, 190 

Knaff, John 107 

Knight, Ethan 154, 190 

Koehn, Jeff 107 

Kornegay, John 173 

Kriger, Stephen 70, 149 

Kroeker, Sally 12 

Kyle, Jim 167 

Kyle, Mary 92 

Lackie, Chloe 12,13 
Ladyman, Bo 20, 25, 154 
Ladyman, Emily 20, 24, 25 
Landis, Carter 21, 83, 130 
Lang, William 167 

180 Memphis University School 

Lansky, Daniel 161 

Lawhorn,Alex 9, 10, 130 

Lawhorn, John David 154 

Lawson, Buck 10, 47, 131 

Lazarov, Debbie 107 

Leopard, Bailey 77 

Levy, Chris 47, 154 

Lewis, Greta 54 

Lewis, Philip 10, 131 

Lillard, Scott 161 

Lindsay, Blake 9, 11, 33, 46, 47, 75, 

Linebarier, Ches 96, 154 

Long, Parker 161 

Louie, Jack 149 

Lucas, Kyle 173 

Lunati, Jonathan 49, 154 


Mabry, Hays 83, 149 
Mabry, Lisa 9 
Macaulay, Jamie 161 
MacDonald, Jenny 9 
MacMillan, Marc 103 
MacQueen, Leigh 186 
Mahautmr, Jesse 161 
Majumdar, Sunny 149 
Mallory, Barton 65, 149 
Mallory, Bennett 161 
Mallory, Neely 167 
Malmo, Donnie 161 
Malmo, Kirk 173 
Mann, Barlow 71, 77, 132, 190 
Mann, Dushyant 167 
Manugian, Andrew 154 
Markowitz, Aaron 155 
Maroda, Stephen 173 

Martin, Jay 161 
Massey, Phillip 35, 107 
Massey, Tyler 21,40, 51, 173 
Matthews, Barret Walker 161 
Matthews, Bruce 167 
Matthews, William 107 
Matthews, Zach 161 
Maury, Taylor 79, 161 
May, Philip 167 
Mayer, Cody 155 
131 Mayfield, Clark 111, 132 
Mayfield, Harry 155 
Mays, Will 173 
McCann,Bill 173 

McCarroll, Anne 107, 190 

McCarroll, Patrick 35, 84, 107 

McCarty, Drew 79, 149 

McClellan, Ward 161 

McCleod, Scott 155 

McClintock, Garrott 47, 161 

McClintock, Scott 173 

McClure, Donald 161 

McCormack, Mac 1 67 

McCracken, Cash 65,75, 149 

McCrary, Jake 51, 173 

McCrary, John Conrad 34, 88, 149 

McCulloch, Michael 155 

McDonald, Sean 167 

McDonell, Ellen 103 

McGreger, John 79, 149 

McGuire, Mikey 132 

Mclntire, Thomas 167 

McKay, Orlando 35, 107 

McKenzie, James 89, 133 

McLean, Hite 133 

McLeod, Mark 173 

McManus, Wilson 97, 155 

McNabb, Lee 10, 58, 62, 75, 89. 95. 133. 

McQuiston, Will 155 
McRae, Loren 77 
Meeks, Michael 13 
Millen, Andrew 173 
Minervini, David 78.79. 161 
Minervini, JK 61, 75, 77. 78, 79. 87. 134 
Mirza, Naveed 40, 167 
Moinester, Paul 71, 149 

wy^i B^f^'vW 

Hfc* **Hr 

- 1M 

mILal - 

9 If. &* '■*■» * ~ "W jhmI 





The Owl 


Montague, Ross 51, 173 
Montedonico, Tony 149 
Montesi, Leslie 77 
Montesi, Mike 65, 161 
Montgomery, Vance 173 
Montgomery, William 161 
Moore, Andrea 25, 54 
Moore, Chase 168 
Moore, Diana 107 
Moore, Lee 25, 168 
Moore, Ryves 110, 134 
Morelli, David 168 
Morgan, Worth 155 
Morisy, Michael 10, 11,65, 134 
Morris, Blake 135 
Morrow, Paul 1 6 1 
Mosby, Mason 155 
Moss, Marcus 149 
Mullen, Kyle 155 
Muller, Lyle 75, 149 
Mullins, Chris 168 
Muiphy, Kevin 12 
Murphy, Loyal 107 
Murphy, Michael 36, 37, 135 
Mutzi, Vincent 107 


Nash, Nick 174 
Nease, Stephen 155 
Nenon, Edward 23, 135 
Nenon, Russell 161 
Newbill, Neal 162 

1 82 Memphis University School 

Niccoll, David 162 
Noble, Ian 79, 162 
Noel, Randall 155 
Norman, Michael 75, 136 
Norris, Cotter 150 
Northington, Jason 162 


dinger, Andrew 155 
Oliver, Courtney 13 
Olson, John 87, 107 
O'Mell, Michael 96, 155 

Owen, Eddie 65, 150 
Owen, Kevin 67, 168 
Owens, Devin 162 
Owens, Will 36, 37, 150 
O wings, Doug 21, 136 

Palmer, McLean 155 

Pao,Alex 68,69, 136 

Park, Michael 168 

Park, Rob 155 

Parker, Brooke 54 

Parr, Bunky 9, 10, 11,33, 137 

Parsons, Keith 162 

Patel, Jayshal 93, 155 

Patel, Mili 84, 97, 155 

Peeler, Laine 54 

Peeler, Rob 162 

Pendergrass, Hay den 162 

Pera, Conner 174 

Peters, Jerry 84, 108 

Phillips, Brent 155 

Phillips, Palmer 150 

Phillips, John 42, 43, 137 

Pickens, Will 162 

Pierce, Tyler 150 

Pioreck, Micah 21,25 

Pitts, Jennings 54 

Pitts, Rob 174 

Pleiman, Doug 150 

Poore, Christopher 174 

Porter, Ed 16, 168 

Posson, Jeffrey 10, 14, 16, 65, 90, 137 

Prascher, Katie 12, 13 

Presley, Will 150 

Pre witt, Julian 168 
Pritchard, Walker 155 
Prokell, Max 162 
Pry or. Will 174 
Purnell, Marc 156 


Quinn, Alex 174 
Quinn, Conor 

9, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17,62,63,71, 

75,95, 138, 190 
Quinn, Harris 168 
Quinn, Susan 108, 190 


Rainer, Alex 1 62 

Rainer, Jimbo 97, 156 

Rainey, Austin 150 

Rainey, Nelson 46, 47, 156 

Randall, Noah 138 

Rapalo, Gabriel 162 

Rapalo, Mauricio 138 

Ray, Barry 84, 102 

Ray, Nick 174 

Rayudu, Babu 9, 71, 75, 95, 139, 190 

Redden, Carol 108 

Reed, Phillip 150 

Reeser, Christian 150 

Reeser,Will 168 

Reid, Eric 162 
Reinhardt, John 168 
Rentrop, Brad 156 
Ridgway, Cameron 47, 162 
Riggs, Tarn 12, 13 
Robinson, Andrew 156 
Robinson, Connor 168 
Robinson, Jess 86,156 
Robinson, Joseph 49, 150 
Robinson, Sam 156 
Rogers, Robert 65, 150 
Roll, Collins 38,39,88,91, 139 

Roosa, Marge 98, 108 

Rose, Max 1 68 

Rose, Morgan 150 

Rosenberg, Kyle 156 

Russell, Beth 108, 190 

Russell, James 74, 108 

Russell, Warner 63, 78, 79, 85, 156, 190 

Rutherford, Matt 47, 150 

Rutland, Zack 162 

Rutledge, Judy 108 

Ryan, Bruce 108 

Sain, Gray 10,25,83, 139 
Sampson, Tom 47, 156 
Sandlin, Will 162 
Sarinoglu, Erin 168 
Saunders, Andy 108 
Saunders, Jean 108 
Sawyer, Sam 156 
Scales, Mark 156 
Schaefer, Michael 140 
Schaeffer, Mike 14, 15, 16, 65, 

78,79, 156 
Scheinblum, Corey 174 
Schmitt,Curt 91, 108 
Schmitt, Paula 108 
Scott, Morgan 12, 13 
Scott, Zach 168 
Scruggs, Tim 168 
Sharpe, Grayson 47, 162 
Shell, Hunter 140 
Shelton, Terry 109 
Shelton, William 168 
Sheppard, Eric 174 
Sherrod, Bernard 89, 140 
Sheth, Parth 156 
Sheth, Samir 174 

Clm #6 '03 

184 Memphis University School 

3n ^hCemoriam 

Leigh Windsor MacQueen, age 68, passed away at his home on March 6, 2003, The former teacher, administrator, 
historian, and archivist dedicated nearly four decades of his life to education and the establishment of MUS as an unrivaled 
academic institution in Memphis, His loss will be felt deeply. 

"The death of Leigh MacQueen is a great loss for all of us who love the school and its mission. Though 
officially retired since 1998, he served as our archivist (who better to meticulously organize and catalogue the school's 
history?) and planned to lead a student group to France this summer to study the life of Napoleon as part of our MUS In 
Europe program. For almost forty years he was the quiet academic conscience of the school, submitting all that we did 
to one dispassionate test: would it make MUS a stronger academic institution?*' said Headmaster Ellis Haguewood. 

Leigh MacQueen was the embodiment of the ideals MUS students and faculty value, with his calm and quiet 
nature, his extensive but never patronizing knowledge, and his willingness to help whenever possible. 

How appropriate that Mr. MacQueen spent his last years at MUS as the school's archivist. Several days a week, 
he occupied a small room on the second floor of the Joseph R. Hyde, Jr. Library Learning Center where he catalogued 
and arranged the valuable mementos of MUS's more than 100~year history. The task was a perfect fit for the man who 
had been responsible for or experienced first-hand the most important school events since 1961. 

Miss Mary Nell Easum, now the school's Registrar, worked closely with Mr. MacQueen both before and after 
his official retirement. "He was a unique person — so talented in so many different areas with unending energy and 
enthusiasm," she said. "The early days were exciting with the growth of the school and the expansion of the curriculum. 
Leigh was never without a new idea. It was fortunate for MUS that Colonel Lynn, Mr. Thorn, and Mr. Haguewood saw 
his talents and let him use them." 

His career at MUS began simply. Former Headmaster Colonel Ross M. Lynn hired Mr, MacQueen to teach 
history and science classes and to direct the physical education program. Soon after, he was named History Department 
chairman and became increasingly involved with student activities and curriculum enhancement. He instituted the 
Advanced Placement program in 1963, took charge of graduation exercises, co-founded the Humanities course, began 
editing the school's catalog, inaugurated the student directory known as the UBook, and helped the Student Council 
rewrite their constitution so students could have a stronger voice in school governance. 

Mr. MacQueen was named academic dean in 1966 and founded the Academic Council in 1968, a group still 
actively involved in the curriculum planning of the school. He continued to serve as academic dean, as well as Upper 
School principal, and associate headmaster until May 1994 when he returned to his first love— teaching history. During 
his tenure, he designed the school seal and banner, several academic award medals, installed the now obsolete television 
studio, and designed the academic mace in honor of Headmaster Emeritus Gene Thorn. 

Mr. MacQueen was a fair and respected teacher. Alumni have been deeply saddened by the sudden loss of one of 
their favorite teachers. "I have so many rich memories of Mr. MacQueen. He taught me to study history and encouraged 
me as an actor, I am a better man for having studied with him. He possessed rare classroom genius— the ability to teach 
not only the subject matter, but also the love of studying it," said the Revered Frank Crumbaugh* 70, of Holy Innocents 
Church in Beach Haven, New Jersey. "The old boys whom he taught to think historically are reeling, struggling to face 
our own mortality signaled so vividly in the death of our beloved teacher." 

"We will miss him, but we salute his enduring legacy. He lives on in much of what we do and how we do it today; 
a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, strong Advanced Placement courses, and an unyielding commitment to building the very 
best faculty possible in a secondary school," said Haguewood. 

Beth Russell 

86 Memphis University School 

The Owl 187 

188 Memphis University School 

At the end of each school year, about thirty people are named to various editing and 
staff positions for the yearbook, and each year, a core group of about four seniors lead the 
effort, with a few underclassmen scurrying about, doing odd jobs to help finish the book. 
Though it is my name you see at the top of the masthead, though you see only me making 
announcements each Monday in chapel, you would not be holding a yearbook were it not 
for John Harkess, Hill Stoecklein, and, especially, Lee McNabb. These three have kept the 
book afloat these long months since we four sat down last August to plan the year, and, 
despite some unexpected difficulties, we all have had fun producing the book. The credit 
for this book goes to them. All errors, omissions, or lapses in judgement are, of course, 

The job of the Editor-in-Chief is never an easy one, but this year, on top of all the 
usual responsibilities, I was faced with the task of redeeming the somewhat tarnished 
reputation of the yearbook to both the student body and the administration. In all 
honesty, I do not know whether the book you now hold will accomplish this task, but I 
hope that you appreciate this year's Owl You hold in your hand the fruit of many hours 
of labor, of countless Saturday morning work sessions and hurried post-graduation 
proofreadings. Enjoy. 

Humbly Submitted, 

Conor Quinn, Editor-in-Chief 


The Owl 


The Owl 2003 

Section Editors. 
Adam Kaplan 
Barlow Mann 
Babu Rayudu 

Copy Staff: 
Timothy Chen 

Alex Chinn 

Clint Cowan 
Price Edwards 

Noah Feder 

Michael Fong 

Ethan Knight 

Warner Russell 

Edward Taylor 

Eric Wilson 
Edward Yang 

Conor Quinn 

Associate Editors 

John Harkess 

Lee McNabb 

Hill Stoecklein 

Photography Staff: 

Alex Guyton 

Nathan Haynes 

David Shochat 

Eric Wilson 

Contributing Photographers: 

Mrs. Terry Balton 

Mr. Flip Eikner 

Mrs. Susan Quinn 

Ms. Beth Russell 

Sports Photography: 
Mr. Larry Inman 

Faculty Advisor: 
Mrs. Anne McCarroll 

General Staff: 
Randall Holcomb 

Walter Klyce 
Robert Snowden 

Special Thanks To Mr. Ellis Haguewood, Ms. Beth Russell, Mrs. Denise Hunt, Michael Morisy, 
The MUSe, Faris Haykal, JK Minervini, The Owl's Hoot, Mrs. Terry Balton, Mr. Johnny Cole, 
Mr. Kirk Maddox, Walsworth Publishing, Holland Studio, and a very special thank you to Mr. 
Larry Inman for all of his sports pictures. 

190 Memphis University School 

Walsworth Publishing Company 

306 North Kansas Avenue / Marceline, Missouri 64658 USA